Worker Safety Resolutions for Your Industrial Plant

The New Year approaches, and with it comes new resolutions to improve your life and your business. Safety resolutions aren’t the shiniest or simplest, but the benefits they create for your business are charted both in employee happiness and plant productiveness. Consider making these worker safety ‘resolutions’ to improve employee morale, safety, and satisfaction at your plant.

Review and Refresh Policies

As resolutions go, this is simple—all you need to do to accomplish this resolution is make sure that your workers all know the safety policies dictated by the plant and the company it’s working for. A few minutes taken out of the day to review policies for the first few months of the year can make all the difference in reducing avoidable mistakes and making your employees feel more engaged.

Consider training your employees in the safety protocols of departments close to their own. Cross-training is key to ensuring an efficient workplace.

Get Worker Input

As important as policy as, you might find yourself becoming dependent on handbooks and guidelines while workers suffer the consequences. This is a resolution that can be as simple as installing a worker comment box or as complex as blind surveys issued to every employee. This is one area where you’ll discover unexpected errors in plant design like tasks that can’t be performed by the assigned employees or equipment breakdowns in non-vital areas.

Update Infrastructure

Updating your plant’s infrastructure is among the more expensive resolutions you can undergo to improve plant safety, but it’s also one of the most beneficial both in promoting safety and reducing future costs. The exact nature of these updates will depend on the function of your plant, but even something as standard as finding plumbing services to assess and upgrade your bathrooms can reduce slip-and-fall incidents and make employees happier.

Inspect Equipment

If you want to do this resolution right, you’ll probably need to hire a professional inspector to survey the equipment in your plant and determine how long it will remain functional without repairs. Injuries in industrial plants can happen very quickly if a pipe breaks and spews out chemicals or electrical systems malfunction to bypass the usual safety protocols. Frequent inspections can cut down on these risks to ensure a safer and more stable environment for your plant.

If you’ve made the decision to base your New Year’s resolution around improving your plant’s safety, you’ve already gone above-and-beyond what’s expected of a plant manager—all that’s left to do now is pick a way to make that resolution a reality.

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