Work With What You Have: 5 Tips To Spruce Up Even The Smallest Home

Work With What You Have: 5 Tips To Spruce Up Even The Smallest Home

Everyone has their dream home. For me, its a waterfront condo, hopefully on a private island (I know, never gonna happen, but c’mon let me dream!). No lawn to mow AND ocean sunsets every night? Sign me up! But unfortunately I live in this little realm called reality with a disturbing lack of private islands, helicopter pads, or balcony pools. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t make the most out of my modest 2 bedroom apartment. Not surprisingly, adding that extra little bit of sophistication to even the smallest spaces can make all the difference. The following are some of the easiest tips I’ve found to spruce up any living space, large or small:

Work With What You Have: 5 Tips To Spruce Up Even The Smallest Home

  1. Invest in Some Curtains

Blinds may be cheap and convenient but nothing cheapens up a space like sharing window treatments with the local Burger King. Classic looking curtains not only offer better privacy than traditional blinds but also add color and gravitas to any room. Even better, making your own curtains can be surprisingly cheap. A trip to any fabric store and a bit of time in front of the sewing machine can turn out some surprising results.

  1. Add a Bit of Green

Just a couple of small plants can make even the most boring room seem vibrant and refreshing. If it’s a small space avoid larger plants and go with smaller potted options, even an average sized vase filled with colorful flowers from the garden can accomplish a surprising amount when it comes to adding that extra bit of character, plus this allows you to switch up the colors every couple weeks as your flowers wilt.

  1. Frame Pictures and Art

No ones asking you to invest in a Basquiat or Picasso, but adding some framed personal photographs or paintings can keep your walls from looking blank and boring. A personal favorite option is finding affordable iconic film posters online and throwing them in a cheap frame. These posters not only take up a large amount of boring, blank wall space but also work as terrific conversation starters! After all who doesn’t love to discuss and compare their favorite films?

  1. Consider a Rug

Whether your home has hardwood or carpet a well placed rug can do wonders for breaking up a room’s color palette. Do yourself a favor and check out local thrift shops and second hand stores. I’ve often found unique and affordable rug options in shops such as these that didn’t break the bank.

  1. Add Some New Lighting

You’d be surprised the startling difference that a single table or stand alone lamp can make when looking to add some character to a space. Not only does the lamp itself offer a new style aesthetically but also can help eliminate shadows that too often can make a small space look smaller. When deciding on styles remember to keep in mind the space you’re working with, if the room is already fairly furnished then a stylish but smaller table top lamp will work a lot more practically than a stand alone option.

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