Wood Stoves For Heating Purposes

Many homeowners are not familiar with the wood cook stoves because they are used to the modern cooking ranges. A wood cook stove can be a great addition to your kitchen. If you are not familiar with it, once you will explore the use, you are going to learn a lot about these stoves.

Are Wood Stoves Used Today Too?

These stoves are considered to be the gift of the past and they are not something that is meant for the past, as they are currently being used too. Homeowners use them for cooking purposes, heating purposes and for décor purposes too. Before you use the wood stove, you must be sure there is a chimney attached to it because these stoves tend to produce a lot of smoke. Check the chimney for leaks and cracks because the last thing you would wish to do is set your house on fire. Placing firewood in the stove can be tricky. This problem has been addressed to some extent because the modern variations in the wood cook stoves have made their use much easier.

Wood Stoves For Heating Purposes

What is the Right Stove for Me?

There is a lot to consider while choosing a wood stove. You first have to check the heat output of the stove and this can be checked from its EPA or Btu rating. This is important to know because that is what will make you know whether the stove is capable of supplying adequate amount of heat or not. Do not purchase a stove that is too powerful for your home. Also, never go for purchasing and oversized stove, these are not meant for home use. The size must be enough that it can fit your kitchen. If you want to use it as a central heating system, then the place where you would like it to be is going to influence your purchase decision again.

Look for the Breed

The wood stoves are available in cats and non-cats breeds. The cats ones come with a catalytic combustor whereas the non-cats ones work on the mechanism of recirculating the smoke and reburning it. In the burning process, the smoke is not consumed completely and wood requires different degree of temperature to burn the wood. If it’s a cats breed, it will work on a lower temperature for burning wood. On the other hand, if it’s the non–casts breed, then it uses an insulated firebox for completing the combustion. Non-cats don’t require much attention as compared to the cats ones.

The stove you choose is going to be a part of your life for a long time. That calls for choosing the best one that can meet your performance requirements and that would last for a long time of course. There are different types of wood stoves available and each one of them has a different heating value. Buy the design that is most affordable and be sure that the stove is up to your requirements. You can use them as cook stoves as well.

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