Will The New GMAT Practice Exams Help Test Takers?

One of the biggest exams business students face is the GMAT. While there are hundreds of books and software titles to help you study, the new practice exams may put you ahead of the curve. How is that possible and how can you get your hands on the exams?

What’s new about the Exams?

There have always been practice questions available for students to take. However, these practice exams were adaptive tests that were meant to simulate the real exam. Students have requested more study options and on September 18 those using GMATPrep software were given the option to purchase Exam Pack 1, which features real questions from the GMAT exam that have been retired from the tests.

Will The New GMAT Practice Exams Help Test Takers?

How will these Exams Help?

These exams are unlike any other practice exams because they give students a real experience. While these may be retired questions, these questions will give students a true idea of what to expect from their exam. According The Review, “Exam Pack 1 is a new addition to the GMATPrep suite of test preparation products. The free GMATPrep software itself, compatible with Windows and Macintosh products, features two full length exams with accurate scoring, 90 practice questions and answer explanations, as well as a math tutorial. The popular Question Pack 1, available for US$29.99, features an additional 404 questions and answer explanations (200 Quantitative, 180 Verbal and 24 Integrated Reasoning), as well as reporting tools that allow test takers to review their progress. Both Question Pack 1 and Exam Pack 1 are used exclusively in the GMATPrep software and extend the use of the software.”

Do these Practice Exams give Students an Advantage?

Yes! The ability to practice with retired questions will certainly give students the upper hand. While these may be retired questions, students will now have a much better idea of how the exam will play out. It’s the best option for practicing for the GMAT.

Where can Students take the Exams?

Exam Pack 1 is only available using the GMATPrep software suite. The software is free to download, but students must purchase Question Pack 1 at $29.99 in order to access Exam Pack 1. The pack is meant to extend the use of the software and provide more bang for the buck.

When taking important exams, it’s best to get your hands on as many study questions and practice exams as possible, so be sure to browse the web and get as much info as you can. The GMATPrep Exam Pack 1 is sure to make your studying more successful. Those that want to greatly increase their chances of passing the exam should certainly invest their time and money in the new GMAT practice exams.

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