Why Singapore Is Better Than Australia

It may seem an unexpected comparison to place side by side the countries of Singapore and Australia, but it is significant as the number of expatriates relocating to Singapore continues to rise.

Why Singapore Is Better Than Australia

  1. Singapore is a very safe country.  In fact, it is one of the safest countries in the world.  In comparison to Australia, it is safer to travel after dark and to use public transportation in Singapore.  This is very important for those who are relocating solo, as well as for families with children.
  2. Singapore has a great education system, and children enrolled will benefit greatly from the bilingual education they receive.  Mandarin in the language of the future of business, along with English.  Learning these languages side by side will increase the quality of children’s education in Singapore.  Also, there is great opportunity to enroll children in learning programs from an early age, so children as young as 4 have been known to do basic reading and math due to Singaporean education.
  3. The cost of living in Singapore is significantly lower than in Australia.  In Australia’s largely populated city of Sydney.  Daily necessities are also more expensive in Sydney, and the monthly cost of living will prove to be substantially higher there.
  4. Singapore is physically placed well to enjoy the fruits of booming economies in both China and India.  Singapore’s GDP is projected to surpass that of Japan in the very near future.
  5. Singapore has more convenient day-to-day necessities and everything can be found within a quick walk around the city.  There are libraries, parks, and restaurants within short walking distance, and again, walking around the city is extremely safe.  Public transportation is readily accessible and is convenient from most areas of the city.  And Singapore has very low traffic congestion, should you need to forego public transport in favor of private.
  6. Drugs are a serious problem in Australia.  Singapore has very tight drug laws, and drugs are not a problem in the country.  Parents in Singapore can be assured that their children are provided a safer drug-free environment in which to thrive.
  7. Technology is more developed in Singapore, and Internet is cheaper and faster.  Infrastructure for technology is better.
  8. In Singapore, there is a high level of educated professionals who are ready to work.  This is one reason why it is a great business decision to incorporate in Singapore.  Communication is a relatively nonissue because many residents speak English.
  9. Singapore offers a wide variety of food choices to those who make a home there.  Rather than offering a majority of Asian cuisine, Singapore offers a wide variety of foods including many of western influence.  Cost of food in Australia is much higher than in Singapore, where you can buy a full meal for what you would spend on milk in Sydney.

These are a number of reasons why Singapore is a more family friendly, business friendly city.  The quality of life in Singapore is substantially higher than in Australia, and many people are beginning to take notice and take action.

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