Why Indian Wives Are Role Models Of The World?

Women all over the world are symbols of strength and peace. They have the power to fight against all odds and emerge victorious, and maintain peace during problems at the same time. And Indian wives have been proving themselves as the best examples of role models, for men and women alike, across the world, since times immemorial. Every Indian wife- be it a housewife or a corporate official, are the ideal role models for the world. ‘Service before self’ being their unofficially declared motto of life, Indian wives will take any plunge to protect their family, without worrying about themselves. They will also go to any length to uphold their dignity and self respect, because, to every Indian wife, her biggest treasure is self respect. While Indian housewives have devoted themselves entirely towards the working for the welfare of her family, Indian corporate wives are slightly different- they look after their workplace too, without compromising with the welfare of her family at any cost. We often find examples where Indian wives leave their jobs when they find that their home front was getting hampered. However, we often find how Indian wives rise to the summit of their careers with the support of her family.

From Rani Laxmibai- the brave Queen of Jhansi, to the modern day celebrity wives of India like Arundhoti Roy- CEO of ICICI Bank, we find various examples where Indian wives have proved their worth of being role models. These ladies, and many more respected Indian wives, irrespective of  whether they’re under the limelight, have time and again proved themselves to be the pillars of strength for their families. They stand before their families like armours protecting them from all evil, and drive the evil away. And these ladies keep fighting them, and even perish without complaints! Such is the greatness of Indian wives.

The Indian wives of today’s world are undoubtedly modernized- highly educated and trend conscious compared to their ancestors. But what keeps them at par with their mothers and grandmothers are their traditional values- they will strive for the betterment of their families without thinking about themselves. For instance, Indian wives of today still celebrate Karwa Chauth with the same belief as their ancestors, but their gift choices are modernized. And if you’re the modern husband, don’t worry! Nowadays, numerous online stores have modern Gifts for wife on Karwa Chauth. Do buy the best Karwa Chauth gift items for wife- because your gifts on this day symbolize your love and respect for your dear wife.

Why Indian Wives Are Role Models Of The World?

Such is the importance of Indian wives. They were, are and will continue being the role models of the world, inspiring women all across the globe.

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