What To Look Out For When Searching For A Mechanic That Specialises In MOT’s

An MOT is carried out on an annual basis by law. After a vehicle is checked every year, it is deemed roadworthy. Just like when searching for a mechanic that can service a vehicle beforehand, there are many things to take into consideration when picking someone that can carry out this annual test:

 What To Look Out For When Searching For A Mechanic That Specialises In MOT’s


There are many online forums which enable drivers to share their experiences about the mechanic that tested their vehicle. Testimonials might be on a mechanic’s website regarding the MOT’s they have done in the past. By researching each mechanic, one can be found that has a proven track record.

How Fast can it be Done?

Many mechanics are able to test a vehicle on the day that it is brought into them. Their customers can bring a vehicle before they go to work and pick it up when they have finished their shift. By asking a mechanic regarding how quickly this test will take to be completed, it can be determined if another should be chosen who won’t take longer than a couple of hours.

Driving License

The vast majority of the vehicles which are MOT’d normally have a small engine of less than two litres. When a mechanic doesn’t have a license to drive a specialised vehicle, they cannot test it. By asking a mechanic regarding if they have a license, it can be determined if they hold the relevant qualifications.

Other Qualifications

There are many parts which will be checked by a mechanic during a test. Therefore, a mechanic should be asked regarding their qualifications. If they don’t have a City and Guilds qualification or a relevant NVQ, choose another mechanic which does.


Every driver is looking for ways to lower the running costs for their vehicle. A mechanic might state on their website how much is charged for MOT’s that also includes any additional extras. By choosing a mechanic that charges very reasonable prices, a driver won’t spend more than what their budget allows.

Can a Car be Serviced Beforehand?

Before an MOT, a vehicle can be serviced. Pointing out any glaring errors, a car servicing is a very convenient option because any issues are dealt with beforehand. When a car servicing is done shortly before it is MOT’d, the cost of the latter is reduced substantially. If a vehicle has a considerable number of faults, the cost of an annual test can be far more than what a driver expected. By asking a mechanic if they can service a vehicle just before it is MOT’d, it will more than likely pass on its first attempt. Not only is this convenient but major issues won’t be picked up because they aren’t apparent at the time of an annual test. Furthermore, asking how much a mechanic charges for car servicing will put a driver’s mind at ease because they will know how much has to be paid and not a ballpark figure.
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