What To Do When The Car Battery Is Dead?

The car won’t start because the battery is dead. This is a common situation that could affect any car owner, especially if they neglect the fact that the battery needs to be maintained properly. However, there are methods we can do to start the car, known as the bump and jump methods. It should be noted that this method will work only on manual cars, not the automatic ones. It may also not be a good idea to perform this method on the road, because it can be frowned upon by the police. Ideally, the surface should be flat and preferably downhill. We should make sure that we are not doing this in a road even if it has little traffic. The main idea is to try making our car moving and putting the ignition key in the “2nd position”. When we are doing this, we need to make sure that the clutch pedal is released and then depressed very quickly. This will cause a bump that can turn our car engine over. This should cause our car engine to fire up. By depressing the clutch immediately, we can make sure that the car won’t stall. Firstly, we should make sure that the hand brake is engaged and the area is clear. Insert the connection key and turn the key to the 2nd position. This is the position when the car engine is supposedly running, while the 1st position is when the battery and dash lights come on.

The 3rd position of the ignition key is when we want to start the car and we release the key, it will go back to the 2nd position and the engine runs normally. However, because the battery is dead, we can’t do this. To perform this method, we need to get enough help from a few people. Helpers should move the car and we need to make sure that the car is lightened properly. Everyone should get off the car, except for the driver. When the car is pushed, we need to deeply push the clutch pedal to the floor and the transmission should be positioned at the 2nd gear. As the speed reaches about 8 km/h, we should warn the pushers that we will bump the car. However, we are on our own when attempting to do this. The trick is to depress the clutch pedal and the transmission must be at the 2nd gear. As the engine fires, we should release the clutch pedal quickly and then depress it immediately. The engine should continue running when we do this properly. Obviously, this method is much more effective if we are doing this downhill, because we can get enough speed more easily.

An easier method is to jumpstart our car in this will require some tools, but obviously less effort. This should work with any diesel and gasoline cars. We also need a running car with good working battery. The positives and negatives of both batteries should be connected with jump leads, and the dead battery should start.

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