What Is The Importance Of IIT JEE Main Rank Predictor?

IIT JEE is undoubtedly the most important examinations for the students to select her career. So, if you think that how to decide your future in the career of engineering, then IIT JEE has a vital role. Now, each student who passes in the first step, main, is eligible for the final step. Now, after getting the score of IIT JEE Main, it becomes important for student to know that he qualifies for the next step or not. In case he does not qualify for the next level, he will get a second chance for the next year IIT JEE competition. However, the students who desire to know about its perfect score to know the eligibility for advance can easily go with iit jee main rank predictor.This is helpful in providing the rank to a student.

What Is The Importance Of IIT JEE Main Rank Predictor?What is an Exact use of Main Rank Predictor for IIT JEE?

This is used by almost all students who know their score and now desire to know about his rank. Now, IIT Jee main rank predictor is a tool to find out the rank. This follows a rule and rank can be predicted on that basis. Main rank predictor helps student to resolve their hesitation of qualifying.

What a Student should Fill in the Tool?

You must fill the following as –

  • Your name in the first field
  • Email id for further communication as well as information
  • State where you live
  • Your phone number
  • Your estimated score available in the final examination in percentage.
  • Score of mains

After filling all related fields, the tool start calculating by considering the score of 12th and the main exam of IIT JEE. It clears that you are eligible for the advance or not. One important factor is when you provide the marks of 12th basically the students’ score is added for CBSE student.

What is the Way of Calculation?

IIT JEE main rank predictor tool is important and it calculates by knowing your board score basically follow the CBSE 12th score and IIT JEE main score. After that it go through the calculation value in which it uses the formula of

N = 0.6*x + 0.4*(y + z)/2

Here, x, y and z have the value of different Para meters.

X = Score of JEE Main

y = the number of students having the same percentile

z= Number of students belong to the same board

So, if you have an exact tool of calculating the score, then this is an exact formula that will give you certain and completely accurate score that a student expects.

Why a Student Takes Service of a Predictor?

In India, a number of private academic institutes are there and everyone has its predictor tools to give the most accurate number, but it is almost similar to each other, but they may have a bit up and down in their final result. So, this is the way thrgouh which you can easily get that how much score you acquire to be eligible in IIT JEE. Now, you understood about what the main function is. However, the final rank is declared by the board of CBSE.

Limitation of this Predictor

IIT JEE is acompetitive exam that takes place in India by government throughthe knowledgeable student can qualify to acquire their academic target in the field of Engineering. So, this rank predictor is very important for them. Now, it has a limit that you cannot predict rank if you think for any other examination than IIT. Moreover, in India a number of boards are there, however predictor converts the percentile according to its own way to give the most accurate rank. Students may have some confusion that how it works, but if you know its way or the process of the tool, then your confusion will be dodged away. One important thing here to understand that board declare rank with own predictor that follows the rule of the same year.

Now, you can easily understand that why predictor has importance in the life of students who desire to take admission in IIT. A number of students take an idea through tools provided by the different private academic institutes. However, declared rank from the board of CBSE is an exact one for the student.

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