What Does Your Post Code Say About You?

We all like to think we are in control of our own decisions and the way we determine our lives. We’re all individuals –  we’re not destined to be either one way or the other, right? Well, there is great cause to believe that is not strictly true.
As much as we may not like this idea, our very own post code can dictate who we are, how we live our lives and what we hold dear.

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Below is a collection of the most significant areas of your life, shaped by those seemingly insignificant letters and numbers:

What We Eat And Drink

When any supermarket wants to build a new branch, they will always research the post code databanks to see where the richer population is living. By setting up a branch in a richer area, these supermarkets ensure they’re getting the most profit. Meanwhile, poorer areas miss out and are forced to shop at places stocking perhaps less quality food and drink.
So, the reason you’re eating that burrito with the weird brand name isn’t because you chose to buy it – a supermarket fat cat decided for you.

Our Political Beliefs

Your father’s father’s father may have voted Labour and so you have always done the same, believing that you inherently believe the values associated with the political party. This may be the case, but your post code is actually facilitating how you are exposed to politics.
Post codes associated to streets who vote a certain way, will be heavily targeted by that one party and less so by any other, meaning there is an imbalance. An imbalance, I hope you’ll agree, is going to cause a person to be biased and dismissive – which is very bad for politics.

How Often We See Bobbies

Ever wonder why you seem to be seeing less and less police officers on patrol? It may unnerve you to discover, that post codes belonging to the unemployed or poorer members of society are considered to be a prioritisation for the police, assuming they will commit crimes. Similarly, areas housing wealthier goods are focused on, because they are targets for acts of burglary.
Even though it makes sense to prioritise , it does make you wonder whether the standard of policing could be improved in areas which do not fall under these categories.

Your Consumer Treatment

Many of us now expect to be redirected to India or some obscure country, when we call a company for their services. It seems to be the common practice these days. Or is it? Contrary to popular belief, you’re not always going to be transferred to another country if your post code correlates with an area known to the company as regular consumers of their services.
Essentially, your post code allows you to jump the queue and be treated as a VIP, separated from anyone else unfortunate enough to be considered an unworthy customer. Your day therefore becomes a little bit less stressful and annoying – it’s just a shame a post code can’t get us out of all the other queuing we have to do.

The Killer Point: Higher Car Insurance

This is by far the most disastrous affect your post code can have on your life, unless you are a non-driver. Because a great deal of the population does drive, however, it will no doubt be painful for many of you to hear that your car insurance will go up if your post code is linked to an area prone to car accidents. Whether you are a learner driver, experienced for many years or towards the end of your driving career, your policy will not be spared if you drive around that area.
Clearly, this is rather dubious and unfair on the majority of us who have never been in an accident. The question that needs asking, is whether these accidents are caused by dangerous driving, or is it more likely that there is something wrong with the roads? How can an entire area of people be so accident-prone? Either way, your post code is getting you marked for unscrupulous reasons.
All in all, what appeared to be a random set of letters and numbers, is in fact the driving force behind how we live our lives. From money to personal belief, your post code can have a huge influence on your life, controlling what you are exposed to and how we are treated by others, particularly those authoritative companies and organisations.
What are your feelings on someone’s post code being so influential over their lives? Should we be worried that they can and have been used against us? Share your thoughts in the comment section, below.

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Ben Kettlety is a passionate blogger who is fascinated by the way an address can determine your opportunities.

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