What Do Professional CV Writing Services Actually Do?

Like most of the businesses specialising in quality CV production in the UK today, perhaps the single most commonly asked question directed at The CV Experts is what exactly it is that they do?  Of course it’s pretty obvious that these kinds of services help with CV production, but what specifically is it that they do in the process? Or perhaps more importantly, how can they be of help to the average jobseeker and what’s the benefit of bringing in the professionals?

Well, the simple answer is one of common sense – if you really want your skills, experience and general suitability for the job to shine through, you need to come up with a CV that does the job. And as CV writing is the kind of job that puts the fear of God in some and wholly perplexes others, it really only makes sense to think about gaining a little help from those who do CVs best. By living and breathing CVs every hour of every day, professional CV writers are uniquely able to create the kinds of results that would be otherwise impossible.

What Do Professional CV Writing Services Actually Do?

In terms of the actual process and how it works, here’s a more in-depth look at what it is that the professionals do when taken on for CV assistance:

1 – Information Collection

First of all, the most important job in the whole process is that of gathering all of the necessary information from the client. Having never met the client before and not knowing them from Adam, it’s a case of having to make sure that every single important detail is extracted from them and nothing left out of the equation. After all, it’s only the information submitted by the client that will make its way onto the CV, so it’s crucial not to miss out anything important. This is usually handled by way of a series of questions or perhaps in some cases an informal chat, just to make sure all the right boxes are ticked.

2 – Analysis of information

After the information has been collected, the CV expert will move onto the stage of analysing the information for the most important details. This is where the real value of the CV professional comes into play as it’s only by knowing which elements to divert the most focus to and which to give a backseat to that you’re able to really sell yourself…or your client…to an employer. With an impartial third-party perspective and long-term experience working with CVs to offer, the most crucial elements can be identified and brought firmly into the spotlight.

3 – Production

When all of the necessary analysis has been carried out, the time comes to begin producing the actual CV itself. As you’ll have probably heard from time to time, there are certain CV formats and designs that employers instinctively gravitate toward while others put them off in a very big way. This is again where the prowess of the professionals comes in handy and while you personally may not know all the secrets behind high-impact CVs, they do. A format will be chosen in accordance with the nature and purpose of the CV, with positive impact being 100% guaranteed.

4 – Review with Client

When the CV has largely taken shape and is all but ready to be put to use, the client will be contacted in order to allow them to carry out a comprehensive review of the document before it is finalised. This will give them the opportunity to add their own thoughts to any or every element of the CV of their choosing, requesting as many changes as necessary and generally giving the thumbs-up to the bits and pieces they’re happy with. This information will then be taken away and worked with by the professional in order for the final document to be produced.

5 – Final Submission

Last but not least…and only when the client is 100% satisfied…the final document it approved, set in stone and sent to the client to become their exclusive property. At this point the deal between the two parties essentially comes to an end, but there’s nothing to say that further edits and changes cannot be requested at any time as and when needed. Armed with a fantastic CV, anyone’s chances of nailing the job of their dreams skyrocket exponentially, which makes the services of the CV professional worth their weight in gold and then some.

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