What Are The Different Services That Can Be Used With Hosted PBX?

With the advancement in the telecom arena, both medium and small sized businesses have benefitted a lot. A great boon is the emergence of hosted PBX. It allows the office phone system to operate without the need of telephone equipment.

Is this system beneficial? A Hosted PBX allows the employees to work from wherever they want (like hotel, home, cell-phone) and still be connected to the main telephone system of the office. The other benefits are listed below.

Benefits of Hosted PBX

  • Since your telephone system is now being operated by your operator or provider with the presence of Hosted PBX, there is no additional cost overhead for purchasing a new telephone system.
  • The fact that the implementation of Hosted PBX incurs some installation costs but they are much cost-effective in the long course as compared to a traditional PBX.
  • A virtual telephone system is well suited to small business types, wherein a good sounding telephone service can appease the customers towards your venture.
  • A virtual telephone system that is based on Hosted PBX implementation can expand and grow according to the business needs unlike traditional PBX.

The Equipment that can be used with Hosted PBX

The telephone services that can be replaced with Hosted PBX are as follows:

  • Keeping the present landlines – in such cases, one can keep their present landline system and the hosted PBX will forward the calls, if any to your telephone system. The only thing you need to remember is the overall cost might be a little higher. This is because you will have to pay for the landline telephone as well as for the Hosted PBX service.
  • Using mobile phones – A lot of companies have their employees stationed outside the workplace. In such situations the calls should be forwarded to their cell phones from the Hosted PBX because that will be a preferred idea. Many Hosted PBX services also allow for sending the caller to voice mail or sending the call to another cell phone.
  • Using VoIP – The VoIP or Voice-over-IP are services that can be bundled with Hosted PBX services. The user using this service can easily choose his discretion whether he wants to plug directly to internet connection with the use of multi-line digital telephone systems.
  • Using smartphone applications – A better integrated solution for cell phone using employees is available by using the specialized smartphone apps that help the users connect to the company’s telephone system with greater ease. In such cases whenever the user makes a call to the company, the company’s caller ID is visible rather than the smartphone provided caller ID.

All these advanced features of Hosted PBX allow the users or employees to avail the office network conveniently and help in enhancing the productivity of the business. Moreover the cloud based services extends its capability to a wide array of additional features at minimal cost that helps in making the image of company better and also provides a cost saving technique to incorporate different methodology.

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