Ways to own your own Website!

Ways to own your own Website!Have you started your own business and want to own a website to make people aware of your products? Great! The internet serves a great platform for making people aware of the happenings in this huge world. What serves as a barrier is the creation of a web page! Many think it to be very hectic, but it’s very easy. Here are very simple steps on how to create a website.

  1. A Platform- Stop worrying about the way your website will look. You first need a good platform or a base to start. People used Http, CSS and even flash some years back which was quiet complicated but now, you have so many to choose. Platforms for building a website is necessary and WordPress is one of the most popular. It is used universally and is quiet easy and user friendly and most important, it is free.

  2. Domain Name and Hosting Base- You firstly need a domain name. So think of a good domain name that you want for example, www.domainname.com. This is how the people are going to search for your website. People normally keep the brand name for the domain name. You also need a hosting site and there are plenty of them available that will help you.

  3. Set up your website- Install WordPress. Once you are done, proceed with the manual installation. Choose the theme or the template that you desire. Follow the instruction till the end until and unless you get a new page. Once your website is done, you are ready to go!

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