Warning Symptoms Of Malignant 'Ebola Fever'

Warning Symptoms Of Malignant 'Ebola Fever "

Ebola fever in Africa to spread throughout the whole world and Ebola hemorrhagic fever has made worldwide news because of its destructive potential. As well as the USA, in the Gulf of Ebola deaths. This is the Ebola viral fever. There are no vaccines. This is due to a 90 percent mortality rate. So it was natural to be afraid.
The Ebola virus is mainly in animals. Man comes into contact with the virus begins to spread of the Ebola only. Since 1976, it has been found many times in history. The virus is mostly found in tropical forests of Africa. But it can spread very quickly. Symptoms of the Ebola virus in front of you, This virus cannot come from the air, water or food. This viral infection is spread only through.
Early symptoms of the Ebola fever or dengue or malaria as the most likely flu are similar to other fever. This fever is a specific symptom only lead to hemorrhage bleed. A person infected with Ebola in the nose, eyes, ears, and bleeding from the anus, because it eventually leads to death due to bleeding. Here are a few symptoms that will help you to identify early symptoms of Ebola symptoms.


Headache is a common symptom of the fever. So, it‘s difficult to confirm you are infected  with Ebola. Ebola hemorrhagic fever in the person and have a tremendous headache. Then the symptoms of Ebola fever had come confirm.

Shortness of Breath

Shortness of breath is a specific symptom of the Ebola fever. When your temperature, you will have trouble breathing. Then you have to check yourself.

Warning Symptoms Of Malignant 'Ebola Fever "


Dengue, malaria, Ebola fever is a symptom of a common cold. However, when it comes to a fever, Ebola virus-infected individuals  suffer with high cold.


Due to the exposure of blood to bleed into your intestines, you notice the blood defecation. Also, women may experience vaginal bleeding.

Body Pains

Body panels are a common symptoms of fever and flu, if you are suffering Ebola fever throughout the body pains, when the blood pooling begins  under your skin.


Nausea, vomiting and dehydration are the most common symptoms of Ebola fever. If the patient is vomiting, he or she is required to take  the most of fluids.

Bleeding from the Gums

Bleeding from the gums and inside the mouth of the Ebola virus occurs in the red and bleeding from the gums.

“Research is ongoing to develop a vaccine against Ebola virus; vaccines have been developed that Successful  work with animals like mice and guinea pigs. Ebola hemorrhagic fever, and the new, the researchers genetically strong Ebola virus inactivated by using a large range and are working to develop an effective vaccine”.

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