Wish to Ensure Improved Customer Experience? Use the Innovative Salesforce Customer 360 Data Manager

Salesforce, during the latest conference at Connections 2019, announced that it would be launching a service that would be dedicated to creating a single source of information. This solution aims at including vital enterprise-grade customer-centric data management tools & CRM extensions along with an activation platform towards creating a unified profile for the respective customers. 

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The unified solution will also help in delivering a highly personalized engagement across various departments, including marketing, services, commerce, and so more. 

Understanding the Innovative Tool by Salesforce

We live in a digitized era. While the customers are becoming highly tech-savvy, it is high time to leverage the potential of revolutionary digital technology to gain an advantage for your enterprise. In the modern era, the customers out there are expecting businesses to deliver improved user experiences with active connections across several departments & channels. 

In turn, businesses out there want to fulfill the respective expectations of the end customers. To help you in living up to with the ever-changing expectations of the customers, the innovative Salesforce Customer 360 Data Manager tool comes in.

All You Need to Know About Salesforce Customer 360 Data Manager

The Customer 360 Data Manager tool by Salesforce is a specialized tool for creating a common user profile across multiple systems. 

  • Accessing Data Effectively: The tool is known to allow access to data of the source system through its unique data federation feature. 
  • Advanced Lightning Components: At the same time, the tool is also known to feature spectacular lightning components for eliminating common use cases that can easily extend with the help of customized lightning components.
  • Core CRM Software Solution: In most cases, the tool focuses on the core CRM software by AuroCRM along with Commerce Cloud and other relevant external data sources. 
  • Unified Data Model: The given product helps in providing a common data model for Salesforce for identifying duplicate records from within a single source or building a single user profile of the end customers. 
  • Global Unified ID: The tool helps in assigning a Global Unified ID that gets published back to the source system. This ID can be utilized as a core point of reference for connecting data from a connected source system to another system that might be in the requirement of data. 

A requirement of Salesforce Customer 360 Data Manager

  • For the Customers: The customers making use of the Salesforce B2B products are known to feature all the respective information at a single source –a single, unified data model for sales, marketing, B2B services, commerce, and so more. 
  • For the Marketing Team: By doing so, the marketing team is able to perceive how the respective campaigns are turning into sales, leads, opportunities, and even pipelines. 
  • For the Sales Representatives: The sales representatives are capable of seeing & analyzing support cases before going to some meetings. At the same time, hierarchies of customer accounts, along with detailed information related to customer contacts, can help in increasing the overall visibility.
  • For the Administrators: Salesforce Customer 360 Data Manager is known to be a leading cross-cloud data management technology that makes the processes related to B2C marketing along with B2C commerce & services work effectively in coordination. With this advanced tool, the administrators are able to register various instances of Commerce Cloud, Marketing Cloud, & even Service Cloud. 
  • For the Managers: Then, the managers map the available data & relevant customer records from different departments like profiles of Commerce Cloud Customer, subscribers of Marketing Cloud, accounts of Service Cloud Person, and so more into a single, unified viewpoint for the end customers.

Important Insights the Tool Provide

  • Understanding the Customers Better: As consumers, we do not make it simpler for the brands to fully understand our behavior and expectations. Our changing behaviors make it difficult for the business enterprises out there to identify us. 

According to a recent report by Salesforce, around 85% of customers out there still check out of products or services as guests. With the help of the digitized version of 360 Data Manager by Salesforce, enterprises can now identify individuals with the help of advanced matching criteria that might be specific to the given organization. 

  • Ability to View Data in a Completely New Way: Once the data matches with the respective 360 Data Manager tool, you can start looking at the relevant data while identifying trends and testing the respective hypotheses on how to leverage it effectively. With the help of the data as available on this advanced tool, you can look forward to running models while looking at particular data sets, including fraudulent accounts. Once you have the complete & refined picture, organizations can make use of the Global Unified ID for bringing into effect new insights to the respective systems.
  • Ensuring the Availability of Right Data to the People: With the help of the Global Unified ID by this tool, you can extract details from any given connected system for providing real-time information to the end consumers.

Make the most of the revolutionary Salesforce Customer 360 Data Manager tool for your enterprise!

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