Preparing For A Successful Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal Procedure

Preparing For A Successful Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal ProcedureOf the different hair removal methods available in the market today, laser hair removal has been rated as the most excellent and especially when it comes to the precision and success. The results obtained from the procedure are long-lasting and the side effects very minimal and especially when the procedure is carried out rightly. The procedure does not take long but patients are required to go through numerous sessions for complete results.

According to the past procedures, people who go through the process only experience minimal levels of discomfort during procedure and recovery. It is however important to have the procedure performed by a skilled and experienced dermatologist if the desired results are to be obtained. Additionally, you should follow the given instructions during when preparing for the procedure and after the treatment. Below are some helpful steps on how to prepare for the upper lip laser hair removal:

First Step

Plan your appointment with the clinic of choice at least few weeks prior to the procedure. This will help go through the necessary process as you get the information you need. You should also go through your objectives with the dermatologist in order to understand the expected results fully.

Second Step

Reveal all the necessary details about your health to the dermatologist and these should include any chronic conditions, allergies, previous surgical procedures and scars. This will help determine the right approach to be taken during the procedure. During these sessions, you should expect to have your photograph taken.

Third Step

Let your dermatologist know all the medicines you might be taking be they prescriptions or over-the-counter drugs. This should also include any mineral or vitamin supplements and especially those that contain beta carotene. Skin care products and other drugs that could make you photosensitive should also be reported. If you are not sure about this, check the label and in case they should not be exposed to the sun, then these are likely to make photosensitive.

Fourth Step

Request your dermatologist to perform a test patch to give you an indication of what to expect after the full procedure has been carried out. This will allow him or her to decide whether there are any adjustments needed and also help you see how best your body tolerates the treatment.

Fifth Step

Discontinue any tanning a month or so prior to the upper lip laser hair removal treatment. This means you should not use any tanning beds, self-tanners or bronzers. Instead, when exposed to the sun, use non-comedogenic sunscreens with 15 SPF or more.  You should also avoid waxing, tweezing, threading or any use of mechanical epilators or chemical hair removers on the upper lip hair. Trimming and shaving of the upper lip hair should also be stopped at least 3 days prior to the treatment. Having some stubble will help the laser hair removal to work better.

Sixth Step

Use a mild cleaner to wash your face prior to the appointment. You should also pat dry the face and avoid using any make-up or moisturizer. Instead, apply topical anesthetizing cream if your dermatologist has directed you to do so prior to the appointment.

You should discuss the post-treatment period and how to handle it and especially whether to use any over-the-counter painkillers such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen. This should be done before you undergo the treatment.

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