Update To A New Version Using The Conversion Process

Update To A New Version Using The Conversion Process

Due to the evolving technology we always opt for the updated version. Considering the AVI and MOV files AVI seems to be the old version when compared to the MOV. So there is always an urge to convert the files from AVI TO MOV for further processing. To suit with the today’s device you need updated version. MOV files seem to be the required format in the current electronic world. Though AVI files are used widely but still it is inferior to MOV files. AVI files cannot be customized and you cannot insert sub titles to it. Moreover it does not support MP4 codes. It is an older version developed by Microsoft and now it has been replaced by WMV format. MOV is developed by Apple and it supports the effective MP4 codes. MOV files are likely preferable when compared to the other format. So now you are clear that MOV files is superior version. To convert the AVI files into MOV format you need an optimum tool. The conversion process should take place without affecting the video quality. Wondershare video converter ultimate is the right choice to perform this effective conversion function without any flaws.

A Guide for a Conversion

Here let me present you a clear picture about the conversion process. Follow the step by step procedure for a successful conversion process using the Wondershare video converter.

Step 1: The foremost step is to download and install the trial version of Wondershare video converter from their official website. After successful installation open the app.

Step 2: Next add the AVI file which requires the conversion process. You can add the file either by making use of the “Add File’ tab else just click and drag the file into this Wondershare video converter platform.

Update To A New Version Using The Conversion Process

In the above picture you can witness the full screen is divided into two panels namely the converting and converted panels. In the converting panel the AVI file is added for further processing. The next task is to set the target conversion format in the converted panel to begin the conversion process. If required you can make use of the edit tools displayed beneath the added file to add special effects to the current AVI file. You can also make use of the crop and trim tool to customize the video as per your needs. After making all the necessary changes then follow the below steps.

Step 3: Go to the dropdown list beside theconvert all files to’ label and select videos> MOV> same as source.

Now you have set the target for the conversion process. The AVI file is ready to get converted into MOV file within fractions of seconds. The content of the video is retained and the format is changed to the MOV for compatibility.

Step 4: Set the output location by providing the right path using the drop down list beside the ‘output’ label in the bottom of the screen. Click ‘Covert all’ button to begin the conversion process.

The conversion process is successfully completed without any interruptions. The whole process is completed within few seconds. Now you can witness from the above picture that the AVI file is converted into MOV format without affecting the quality of the video.

Featured Software

Wondershare video converter software is capable to convert the files into different formats within few seconds .It supports more than 100 formats. It is really effective while converting the MPEG file into MP4 file. Most of the conversion process involves few clicks. You need not require any sort of special training or knowledge to make use of the innovative functions from this optimum tool. It is enough if you download and install the trial version and follow the above discussed steps for a successful conversion process. Apart from the conversion techniques you can make use of this software to download streaming videos and simultaneously you can burn them into DVDs for further processing. You can also bring special effects to the added videos using the crop, trim and add effects tool. You can also fix Meta data in the videos for better quality. It is a best editor and converter of videos. It is really easy to handle this creative tool and complete the process within the flicker of an eye. This software has a powerful function and few clicks are enough to implement them.

Affordable Tool

As a professional I would highly recommend this tool to bring about innovative changes to the videos. Have a look at the official website of Wondershare video converter to learn more about its mind blowing features. I am sure it is a convincing and informative tool to enhance the video quality for better understanding. Make your videos more reliable, compatible and effective with the help of this remarkable software. Do not hesitate just download and install the trial version. Later purchase them to enjoy everlasting benefits. Go for the subscription according to your requirement. Deliver informative videos with high compatible features using Wondershare video converter.