Unconventional Guide To Be Ready For Party

Unconventional Guide To Be Ready For Party

Imagine you are getting late for a party and you don’t want to spend much time getting your makeup on point. Additionally, you don’t want to go to the party without looking your best. Here are a few tricks to help you get ready for party without spending too much time staring at the mirror. These tricks will make your makeup application faster and easier.

1. Turn your Eyeliner Pencil into a Gel

By so doing, your eyeliner will become easier to apply. This is simply because the gel makes it softer. To effectively do this, consider placing your eyeliner pencil’s tip over a flame for a few seconds. Be careful not to burn it. After 2-3 seconds, remove your eyeliner pencil from the flame and wait until it cools down. It should take approximately 15 seconds to cool down. Once it has cooled down, go ahead and apply your makeup.

2. Make the Eyes to Appear Wider

Making the eyes appear much wider is simple and super fast. It is among the best makeup tricks of all time. Celebrities have mastered this trick and you will see them rock wider eyes look on red carpets. You can as well try this awesome trick and see how it works out for you. Consider sweeping your mascara towards the nose rather than upwards. This serves the purpose of ensuring that your eyelashes look fuller. In addition, this trick will make the eyes to appear much bigger.

3. You can get More from your Liquid Makeup

If you are out of makeup tricks, consider visiting beauty websites and find out new makeup trends. Most of these sites have comment sections where users share their experiences. You also stand a chance to learn some beauty products to avoid. You should never throw away your makeup tubes simply because they seem empty. Consider cutting them open and transfer the available makeup into some plastic pots. By so doing, you will have saved money on makeup.

4. Consider Making your Eye Shadows Stand Out by using White Eyeliner

This is the perfect makeup trick for people who are looking for eye shadows that stand out. It is a trick that will make the color of your eye shadow to pop. Begin by applying white eyeliner throughout your eyelid. Once you are done, you may apply the eye shadow of your liking. The purpose of the white eyeliner is to intensify your favorite eye shadow.

5. Perfect your Complexion

You don’t want to go to a party with a dull complexion. Your goal is to have a complexion that will make everyone in the party to admire you. A perfect complexion will turn you into the center of attraction and get people talking. You can achieve this desirable complexion by camouflaging any pimples. Consider applying a cover-up to help counter any redness. Using a concealer brush, precisely pat on it and blend the edges using the ring finger.

6. Sweeten up the Cheeks

Sweet cheeks are attractively smooth. They show no sign of acne or redness. Consider using your powder blush to create an excellent foxy flush. With your fluffy brush, swirls it around your cheeks in small and circular motions. According to makeup artists, more emphasis should be on the cheeks’ apples not forgetting towards the hairline. If properly done, the results are excellent and will perfectly blend with the color evenly. Because there are various blushes out there, consider inquiring from friends some of the blush they use to sweeten their cheeks. A makeup artist can as well recommend the perfect blush for you.

7. Make your Lipstick Last Longer

Sometimes, using lipstick can be time consuming and tiresome at the same time. You will need to re-apply your lipstick every now and then. This can ruin your moods for the party and you might not have a great time. Consider using makeup tricks to ensure that your lipstick lasts long hours without the need to re-apply. Once you have put a lipstick coat, lay a tissue on top of your lips and dust some translucent powder across the lips. This helps set the color and ensures that it stays there for longer.

8. Cover up your Dirk Circles and Puffy Eyes

Instead of dotting your concealer, maybe you should start applying it in a triangular manner. Apply the tip at your cheeks’ bottom and the base at the eyelash line. This helps hide the redness that is under your eyes and brightens your whole face.


Because people want to look outstanding in parties, getting ready can be challenging and time consuming. However, this makeup guide will help you prepare for parties fast. In addition, it will help you achieve a desirable look that stands out.

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