Turning The Spotlight On Hairpieces For Women

When a film star, singer or model steps on to the red carpet, you can bet she will look fabulous in every detail, from her designer dress to her perfect make-up and shining waves of hair. But sometimes that immaculate hairstyle has needed a little help – or even a lot. Some stars, like superstar singers Adele and Jessie J, have admitted to wearing wigs rather than constantly subjecting their own hair to styling procedures. Many others wear hair extensions, but there is a risk that these can cause lasting damage to their own locks.

An alternative which is becoming increasingly popular is to use clip-in hairpieces, which can be changed within minutes, look great, and don’t have the same damaging effects as permanent extensions. It is also possible to use some types of clip-in hairpieces in order to cover up the effects of female hair loss and help boost a woman’s confidence.
Many women say they prefer hairpieces to wigs because they are more comfortable to wear and don’t make their heads overheat, and because they give their own hair a lift rather than completely cover it up. Also, hairpieces are available in the latest styles, so they can help you to set the trend. Cheaper versions are made of fibre, making it possible to buy several and giving you the chance to change your look any time you want. Premium hairpieces are made of real hair and cost far more, but these are designed to last longer and can be washed and styled just like your own hair.
There are a number of popular types of clip-in hairpieces to choose from, all of which come in a wide range of colours to enable you to match your own shade. They can be attached with small clips and are easy to remove.


Fringes are definitely in fashion at the moment. However, you might well feel nervous about having your own hair cut into a fringe, because you know from experience just how long it will take to grow out if you want another change. Trying a clip-in fringe will give you the chance to experiment and decide whether this really is the look for you. You can choose from a sharp cut, a side-swept, layered look, or a fringe with wisps at the side.


Growing hair long enough tosweep back in a ponytail takes years, but attaching a clip-on ponytail can be achieved in a matter of seconds.A wide variety of different styles are available, and typically they can be clipped over the top of your own hair to create a convincing glossy mane. For a more glamorous look, it’s possible to choose a “big hair” ponytail with a lot of body, including cascading curls.

Top Pieces

These are a popular choice for women suffering from thinning hair, especially those who have patches where hair loss is apparent on the crown of their heads. Top pieces can be attached to give  extra volume. If you are growing out roots, these pieces are also an option for covering up the difference in colour – and they are also often worn by women who just feel their hair is a bit flat and could do with some added oomph.

Braids and Plaits

Many celebrities have been seen wearing their hair in braids and plaits, including Harry Potter actress Emma Watson, singer Alicia Keys and film star Kirsten Dunst, who wore her hair around her head in a Heidi-style “halo braid”. If you want to get in on the act and add braids to your hair, there is no need to spend ages creating a plait, because they can be bought ready-made for a fun addition to your look.
Headbands with layers of braids are one popular option, and can be slid on to your head just like a traditional Alice band. You can also clip a braid to your pony tail, or even add a brightly coloured braid or flash for an outrageous touch which can be quickly removed again at the end of a big night out.


It’s not justballerinas who are putting their hair up. Buns and top knots are a look of the moment, and stars like Miley Cyrus and Leona Lewis have turned heads by adopting this style. If you don’t feel your own hair is long or thick enough to put up, or you just don’t have the time, this type of hairpiece is available; you just place a bun over your own hair and keep it in place with combs. It is easy to dress it up or down, creating either a sleek or a tousled look.
There are also other types of hairpiece to try, and the looks available are constantly changing – to keep up with all the latest styles.

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Terry O’Brien is a leading trichologist at the London Centre of Trichology, which provides help with male and female hair loss prevention.

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