Tracking The Competitors Marketing Strategies

Small businessmen don’t have so many resources to advertise and spend so much money to introduce their brands. There is a competition as well for the bigger marketing companies. They always monitor the activities of their competitors and spend so much money and time on it. But a small company can’t do so. There are few steps which you can follow and track your competitors at any step during the business. You can see their updates, new brands, promotions, publicity and products.


  1. First step is to make a Google account and try to use it on a daily basis. It’s free to sign up for a Google and make an account. You can check each and every activity of the competitor online by just putting his name in the search box. Google also sends you the update for the recent activity which makes you more alert.
  2. To get a full picture of the activity of your competitor just follow him on every social website. Like and unlike his posts and products so that you can receive continuous mails of his updates. Be careful to search the correct brand and name of the company.
  3. Take part in customer’s relationship programs and try to be a regular customer to gain access to his techniques of publicity and marketing. Watch out all the sources he use and then follow the same successful procedure. Focus on all of the offers made by your competitor.
  4. Pricing and merchandising is a key source of marketing. Check all of the competitor’s products and note down all the procedure and dealing. This can be done online or manually.
  5. It is very important to visit the competitor’s stalls and products. Take all the information regarding the product and its line of marketing to get in touch with the growing market trends.
  6. Keep visiting your competitor’s website and updates. Track all the newest promotions and functions. Note down all the new products and their offers. Also note their customers and comments about several products to get knowledge about their services and change your marketing strategies accordingly.

All of these steps can help you to track the competitor’s activity and successful marketing strategies. But be careful about your goal that your products should be much better than others and services should be extraordinary to attract other people. Don’t lower your quality by copying others.

Author Bio:

This article is written by Austin Richard. He instructs 74-343 certification at and he is N10-005 exam certified. He likes to write on different informative articles.

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