Top Tips To Consider while Buying A Japanese sword

When you’re looking forward to buy a Japanese sword, it is important to take the decision based upon some defined parameters. Many of you would be thinking what factors one needs to take into consideration before you make the final decision. To make things easier for you, here are the top essentials that you need to look for and follow before buying a Japanese sword.

  1. Tang: Tang is nothing but the handle of the sword. The handle of the sword is known to be its weakest point. This is why the type of the handle on your sword plays a vital role here. You have to choose between a full handle or a half handle. Even though you might be thinking that if the handle is full, it would be easy to grip but you have to understand that if the handle and the length of the handle is on the higher side, the sword would be on the weaker side.

However, if your grip is pretty strong, you can be sure that you would be able to easily handle the sword with the smaller handle which would ensure that you are able to opt for a stronger sword.

  1. Quality of the blade: Japanese swords are generally thin. However, that does not mean that you would not be able to get superior quality of blade. These days, you have the option of Japanese steel swords which are made from either stainless steel or carbon steel. If you have to choose between these 2 options, you should be definitely choosing the carbon steel one .The strength of carbon steel does not get it eroded over time. On the other hand, when you’re talking about stainless steel, it would become brittle after a certain period of time.
  1. Heat treatment of the swords: It is important to make the swords harder at a certain place. Ideally, you would need the sword which is hard at the edges and at the same point of time, it is not very brittle. This is done by cooling the sword blade at different rates. This would be helping you in creating the sword which is pretty sharp and at the same point of time is not brittle. With the help of proper heat treatment, the life of the sword is also increased. So, if you’re thinking about buying the Japanese steel sword, these are the 3 points which would help you in choosing the right one.

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