Top 10 Gifts For The Groom

Is your best bud getting ready to take that giant leap into wedded bliss? Maybe you are the lucky lady about to head down the aisle to the man of your dreams. If you want to get a truly special gift for the groom-to-be, look no further than our top ten list of awesome gifts every man would be delighted to receive.

A photoshoot

When your friend gets married, it can feel like you are losing them for good, even if they aren’t actually physically going anywhere. A pre-wedding groomsmen photoshoot is guaranteed to be fun, and with a lasting memento of the day in their home, they will always be reminded of just how fantastic their bromance buddies are.

A cigar bar

Why not treat your husband-to-be to a cigar bar at the wedding reception? If you can’t quite stretch to an entire bar, a box of the finest cigars will do just as well to show the groom how much you care. Take a look at how to access the Best Cigar Auction Sites, and get quality cigars for less.

Personalised hipflask

A wee nip of Whiskey before the ceremony can steady the nerves, and presenting the groom with a (full) whiskey flask engraved with the date of the wedding is a nice touch. You may want to get one for the bride as well, as rest assured, she will probably appreciate some Dutch courage too!

 Grooming Kit

Help the groom look fantastic on his big day by giving him a grooming kit complete with moisturizer, shaving balm, soaps, an even beard oil, if the groom isn’t one for shaving. Again, this is a gift you can personalize and a monogrammed toiletries bag adds the class.

A trip for the bride and groom

Getting a gift for both the bride and groom before the wedding is a lovely gesture, and a pre-wedding minibreak could be just what they need to de-stress before the event. Don’t be tempted to send them to some far-flung destination, however, as they will certainly want to remain close in case any wedding matters need to be sorted at short notice.

First dance framed manuscript

A great gift for the bride, groom, or both, a framed print of the musical manuscript of their first dance is sure to take pride of place in the married couple’s home.

Sports tickets

Whether your friend is a baseball fan or mad about football, tickets to a game will always be welcome. Just make sure the game doesn’t clash with the day of the wedding!

Comedy cufflinks

The cufflinks area traditional gift to give to a groom, but if you want to inject a bit of humor into your gift giving, why not present the groom with customized cufflinks featuring your face?

A love letter

As the bride-to-be, you will want to give your groom a gift he will adore for life, and what better way to say I love you than in a heartfelt note? Present it in a gift box or write it on a scroll and wrap it in a ribbon to give the letter a special touch.

A thoughtful piece of art

If the groom is fond a particular artist, purchase a beautifully framed print of one of their works and enjoy seeing his delight when he realizes how thoughtful you are.

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