Tips When Travelling To Norway

When the word Norway comes on mind the first thing we picture is the Aurora lights, large chunk of glaciers, and expensive accommodation. It is somewhat true that the Kingdom of Norway has a higher cost of living than its neighboring countries, thus providing excellent public service to its 4,200,000 inhabitants. There are many things to do once in Norway especially numerous free activities such as hiking and skiing at the Jotunheimen National Park, explore the famous Fjord in Alesund, witness the magical Northern Lights in Tromso the largest city in Norway, and get a laid-back feel in Oslo for a day or two wandering from one museum to another and top your day going to live bars the most populated city of the country.

Tips When Travelling To Norway

Tips on what to bring in Norway 

If visiting Norway for a business trip or backpacking alone, here’s an important reminder on what to prepare before heading to Norway.

  • Clothing and Luggage- Keep yourself warm by bringing layered wardrobes with you. Pack a comfortable walking shoes as well or a pair of hiking boots. If you can’t really travel light and excess luggage would cost you more than our air fare, the smart way to send your parcel to Norway is thru Courierpoint. It is a shipping company that serves international clients which offer competitive rates and prompt when it comes to your request.
  • Download a translator app if you can’t buy a Norwegian dictionary with you, at least.
  • Budget- Be sure to have extra-money with you for everything in the Kingdom of Norway is expensive- food and accommodation but the attractions and must-see’s are free or definitely cheap. 

Do’s and Don’ts when in Norway 

  • Do know a little of their language; greet your new friend a simple “hei” for hello. Learn to say “Takk” for a thank you, “Ja” for a yes and “Jo” for a no.
  • Do understand that if a Norwegian repeats your last word such as please, back to you, welcome, and thank you; they are only trying to confirm what you are asking or it is their way of getting your attention.
  • Travel light- it will make you think less and away from stress of losing anything. Yet, if spending the Norway getaway with the whole family and if you are staying in a really nice hotel’ you can pack as much as you can. Feel free to use courier services to send your parcel to Norway.
  • Do keep calm and leave any negative vibes behind. This is the most commonly shared virtue in Norway.
  • Unlike other European countries that bring children in meetings, Norwegians don’t especially in cafes at night for it is considered to be a child abuse.
  • Do not say the word please or sorry too much. Norwegians are always paying their attention to someone who is talking. 

Over all, despite the large budget that you need to shell out for the accommodation and food and transportation, visiting Norway is a life changer! And the memories that you will bring home is priceless.

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