Tips To Make The Most Of Your City Break In London!

London is one of the best cities in the world, known for its quintessentially British culture, great nightlife, fantastic museums and galleries, breathtaking monuments and so much more. It is a very busy city though, so it requires a little bit of planning to make sure your trip all goes smoothly. In order to ensure this, we have put together a few tips to make sure that you can make the most of your city break in London! 


Choose An Area To Visit

The first thing you’ll need to do if you’re visiting London for just a day is to choose an area that you want to visit. London is a very big place, so it is impossible to see everything in one day. So, the best thing you can do is choose one main area to visit depending on what you are hoping to get from the day. This might be:

  • Mayfair for the fancy bars and restaurants
  • Oxford Street for unbelievable shopping
  • Covent Garden for an overall experience of what London is like! 
  • Hyde Park to explore London’s beautiful greenery, Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace
  • Knightsbridge/Chelsea/Kensington to explore the best museums the city has to offer
  • Camden for an edgier side of London. 

Whatever you choose we know you will have a fantastic day, but trying to see too much will take the fun away from the experience. This is the perfect excuse to come back though! 


Pre-Book Your Transport

Our next tip is to pre-book your transport. This might be getting an Oyster card for the tube, prebooking your car parking with Care Park, pre-booking your trains or downloading Uber to take you around the city. There are so many options for public transport, so once you have decided where you are going, have a look at the transport options to make a decision. Whilst price will play a part, remember to also consider how you can see the most of London, in which case a Hop-On-Hop-Off bus or walking might be the best options once you are in London. Once you know what you are doing with your transport, it will take stress away from the rest of the day. 


Book A Restaurant

Another thing you should get sorted before heading into London is to book a restaurant. Whilst you can definitely just head to London, have a look around and see where takes your fancy, the best restaurants in London get booked up very quickly. Plus, finding somewhere in advance will mean you are going to find the best possible food, rather than having to pay a lot of money for substandard food in the very busy tourist areas. 

So, have a look at different reviews to find something that you really like the look of. We warn you though, the food in London really is phenomenal, so this may take you a while to decide! If you want to spend the whole day in London, then having breakfast, lunch and dinner is a great way to get a good taste of what London has to offer. 


Pack An Umbrella and Sunglasses!

Our last piece of advice may seem trivial but it is a good one; pack both an umbrella and sunglasses! Check the weather forecast before you head to London, but we warn you that the weather can be slightly turbulent, so you may be expecting rain and then get sun all day and vice versa. So, the best thing you can do is to be prepared for both situations by packing accordingly, which is a must-have travel hack when visiting any of the UK! Of course, the shopping is great in London, so if you do need something for the weather like a waterproof that you didn’t think you’d need, you’ll definitely be able to find it! 

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