Driving nails on a piece of wood or metal can sometimes be a risky thing to do. Long gone are the days when you had to hammer the nail down, with possibilities of hammering a finger or two in the process. With nail guns, you get to do the work much faster, but without proper care and knowledge of how to use it, you will end up getting damages that are far much worse than those of the traditional hammer. For your own safety and convenience, here are a few tips to keep in mind when buying the Parkside nail gun, or nailer.


There are different types of nail guns available, which are used for different kinds of jobs. The nailer types are broadly categorized into two types: coil-style and strip-style. This generally refers to how the nails are arranged inside their casing. The strip-style arranges the nails in strips while the coil-style has them in a circular arrangement. Just how comfortable you will be when using either of the two types of nailer is what will determine whether you will choose one type over another. For instance, the strip type evenly distributes the nails, thus allowing for a balanced weight distribution on the nailer, but holds much less nails as compared to its counterpart.


The nailer have been constructed for different usages. Some are designed for light duty work while others are meant for heavy duty work. You will thus find them for roofing, flooring, finishing work, as well as other small projects like precision work. The type of work you wish to do will thus determine the kind of nailer you will go for.

Power Source

The nailer is very much like a gun, only that it uses at least three different kinds of power sources: pneumatic, battery and fuel. The type of power source will determine just how mobile the nailer will be, as well as the kind of work you will carry out using the nailer. When considering the power source, carefully look at the benefits, drawbacks and limitations of using the three different options before making a choice.

Firing Method

Still not too far away from the common gun. This is where most people go wrong, as the wrong firing often leads to the common injuries that are seen in the emergency rooms. There are four firing methods used here, which are the contact, full sequential, single actuation, and single sequential methods. The application of these methods will depend on the type of task you have at hand, so you will need to carefully look into the project you need to carry out, as well as the firing method that will best suit the project. But with the latest firing methods, you can even consider using it simultaneously while hearing a song (you may check blaupunkt mp74 service manual for this purpose).


The different nailer will use different nail types and sizes for their make. Be sure to check that the nails you buy are compatible with the nailer or nail gun that you are going for.

It is also very advisable for you to look into the safety guides provided on how to use the different types of nail guns for you to avoid injuries that are now becoming all too common with the use of nail guns.

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