Tips For Tour Finch Bird Cages

Tips For Tour Finch Bird Cages
  1. Kinds of Finches

So you have decided that you are getting a small songbird, a kind of bird that does not need you to feel ok about itself, and you have bought the perfect birdcage – it is so big and roomy you could almost call it an aviary.  You are going to buy some finches, but now the difficult decision has arisen.  What kind of finch?  After all, there are so many.

Tips For Tour Finch Bird Cages

There are zebra finches, and these are the most popular ones, and often the easiest to find in pet stores.   There are the society finches.  There are the Australian finches.  And there are the other finches.  Don’t ask who names them – other finches is the most ridiculous name.  Each group is further divided.

Zebra finches have the most striking looks.  Bengalese finches, a kind of society finch, are some of the easiest to care for.  The Gouldian finch, also very popular, is an Australian finch.

Go to this site  They have finches classified not according to group, but by general personality – aggressive finches, passive finches, pushy finches.  That is exactly the kind of information that a person considering finches needs to know.

  1. The Finch Personality

I have mentioned that finches are not likely to be very tame, but there is an exception.  If you have a human raised finch it is more likely to be sort of tame.  However, they are still quite likely to smack into windows if they are let out to fly in a room, so do be very very careful if you decide to let them out of their finch aviary.  The reason I mention this half-tame finch is because this kind may have a different kind of personality.

In general, though, finches behave in pretty much the same way as you see small undomesticated (if finches can be said to be domesticated) songbirds behaving outside.  They like to live in flocks, they preen themselves, and they go from perch to perch, and are always on the move.  They like to bathe.  They are fun to watch, but you will not know them like you know your dog, or your cat, or your rabbit, or your parrot.  If you like to observe things instead of getting involved the finch is the bird for you.

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  1. Placement of a Finch Cage

The finch cage will have to be placed in the right spot, so you have to be aware of temperature, of light, of how much heat is expected, how much shade there is, and have a working knowledge of the temperature preferences of finches.

For finches, it is not important that the birdcage, or aviary, is in a part of the house where there is activity as, unlike parrots, they do not need human company.  A quiet part of the house is a good place to put your finch’s flight cage, as long as it meets the other requirements.

You can put the cage in direct sunlight, but if you do you have to be 100% sure that shade is also available to your finches – either that the cage is partially in the sunlight, and partially out of it.  They do not like to be overheated.  But they also do not like draughts.  And they will most certainly not like the air conditioning or the heater, so do not put the cage near either of those.  The best location would be some sun, but not too much.

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