Tips For Skinny Guys For Gaining Weight

Tips For Skinny Guys For Gaining Weight

Tips For Skinny Guys For Gaining WeightYou have visited the gymnasium regularly since long to gain muscle mass, but could not get success. is providing authentic details regarding the use of different products for gaining muscle mass. You can use whey powder and protein powders for the same.

In this article you are able to get practical tips which will help you to gain muscle every week.

Maximize Muscle Building

The more protein your body will store, the more muscles you will grow. But your body has to constantly break its protein for different uses like making hormones. As a result of which your body ends up with less protein than you actually need. You have to eat and store new proteins at a faster pace than your body breaks it down.

Eat Meat

According to a journal of applied physiology, a beginner in bodybuilding must opt for a 1 gm of protein for every pound of bodyweight. This means that a 160 pound man should consume nearly 160 gm of proteins every day. Now it is your responsibility to make sure that you consume the desired amount of protein from different sources. You can eat chicken breast, cottage cheese, eggs, beefs, milk and peanuts.

Eat More and what All the Good Muscles

You have to eat more calories and this is in addition to the protein you have to take as per your body weight

If you are a beginner, you can start with any program which is intense enough to increase the protein synthesis. As soon as they start it is advised to concentrate on large muscle groups like back, chest, and legs. In order to work out with the muscles you can do squats, dead lifts, pull ups and bent over rows. Do 3 sets of exercises with 12 repetitions. You can take rest for 60 seconds between the sets.

Degrees the Carbohydrates After a Workout

Several researchers have shown that you build your muscles when you are resting. But if you feed your body with carbohydrates in post workout meals, then it will increase your insulin level. This will in turn slow down the rate of protein breakdown.

Eat Every Three Hours

It is advised to consume the total number of calories in six meals which your body requires. In order to gain muscle, eat 20 gm of protein with a gap of three hours. This will ensure the continuous supply of protein in the body, small but frequent meals will enhance your metabolic rate.

Ice Cream and Milk

According to the American journal of clinical nutrition taking a bowl of ice cream after a couple of hours of your workout is exceptionally good. Ice cream will trigger the surge of insulin better than other foods. And this will keep a kind of check on the post workout protein breakdowns.

It is also advised to eat a combination of carbohydrates and protein before 30 minutes going to bed.

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