Tips for Changing Automatic Car Transmission Fluid

Changing the transmission fluid after every 30,000 miles is very much recommended by both manufacturer and expert mechanics to ensure the proper function of car for a long time. The automatic transmission mostly creates a lot of heat internally through friction. Following are the few examples of friction fluids which are churning inside the torque converter; friction is created when clutch plates are engaged and the normal friction bearing the loads of gears and bearings. Heat which is caused by friction will eventually damage your vehicle. Number one it can cause damage overheating and can cause car breakdown.
Diagram of changing oil
Now that you have understood the damages caused by friction, you also have to make sure you are using right kind of Automatic Transmission oils in your vehicle, because if you do not then you may cause damage to your transmissions. To make sure which transmission oil suits your car most check the manual or contact the manufacturer or good car mechanic. You will get to know the best type of transmission for your car only from these two places. Using the wrong fluid will cause affect to your transmission shifts. Find Transmission oils of highest API standards; Click Here to Find Range Lubrita automatic transmission fluids

A low or damaged fluid perhaps indicates a leak in system. Keep on checking the fluid often, the when the transmission fluid color is darken, has a burned smell, then a complete change is needed. But look for the damage if it may already be done. Other than that it is important to clean the pan before placing to its place again. Make sure that filter is placed correctly. Follow correct guidelines; if you are changing your fluid by yourself or consider an expert mechanic to avoid any circumstance and for better results. In the end go for a test drive to make sure the level of transmission fluid, It would be recommended to check the level of fluid as the transmission gets hot.
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