Tips and Tricks For Cleaning Up After Your Kids

Tips and Tricks For Cleaning Up After Your KidsKeeping a clean house can be difficult when you have children, but it absolutely necessary in keeping away germs and dirt that can trigger allergies. While some may think that they are too clean, there is really no such thing! Whether you have small children running around the house, tracking around dirt or have older children who simply do not clean up after themselves, these helpful tips will assist you in deciding what areas of the home are most important to clean up after your children in. From bleaching toys to scrubbing down the playground equipment, you will find plenty of cleaning to do during your spare time when you have children.


Organization is key to keeping your household clean when you have children. When everything is put into its proper place, it’s not only easier to find, but it is also easier to clean up around. Clean up after your kids by going around the house and gathering up the toys, games and other items that may have been left laying around. Organize toys in storage bins and boxes that you may even choose to label for easier organization. Inform your children of how important it is to stay organized and ask them to help clean up after they’re done playing by putting their toys away in the correctly labeled bins.

Cleaning Toys

Not only will organization keep your home clean, but cleaning the actual toys themselves will leave your household germ-free. Toys should be cleaned regularly, especially if they are played with often. By simply touching their toys, children’s hands can leave lots of germs and dirt on the surfaces. Smaller children may also put toys into their mouths and chew on them. Create a mixture of half bleach and half water and place into a spray bottle. Gather up plastic toys and put into the kitchen sink where you can easily spray them down with the bleach mixture. Allow to sit and then continue to scrub and rinse with water. Allow to dry before putting toys back out for play.

Outdoor Cleaning

Germs do not only live indoors, but can be found outdoors as well, especially around playground equipment. Clean up after the kids by regularly going outside to clean up their swing set. Use water and bleach if desired to scrub down surfaces such as monkey bars where little hands are commonly placed upon, swings, trapeze bars and ladders. You may also choose to clean other toys that are left outdoors that may be subjected to the elements, get dirtier easier than toys found indoors and can become homes for insects that simply shouldn’t be there.

Bathrooms and Kitchens

Bathrooms and kitchens are known as some of the dirtiest rooms in the house, simply because of what they’re used for. Help to clean up after your kids by scrubbing down the bathrooms that they use on a regular basis. This includes wiping down toilets with disinfectant wipes, removing lime scale from the tub and scrubbing the sinks. Also be sure to throw dirty laundry that may be laying around into laundry baskets for a much cleaner and organized household.

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