Three Unique Places to Publicize Your For Sale Property

Listing agents typically live up to their name – they list the property on the local MLS, and wait for whatever calls happen to come through. Full service agents, on the other hand, are marketing professionals who know how to maximize the publicity of your property and know how to follow up on the most promising leads.
Market Your Home the Professional Way
The MLS is great but you can’t stop there. This quick guide will explain three additional places to post your property information to catch as many eyes as possible. A good full service agent can double or even triple your exposure through the following unique advertising outlets:
1. Local Publications
Think beyond the dominant newspaper. The classified ads section might yield good results on its own, but combine your efforts by making sure the ad is also submitted to various advertising outlets like coupon magazines and grocery store circulars. A good full service agent should know all the hottest advertising spots, but should also be able to narrow down the selection to suit your budget.
Large metropolitan areas offer so many possibilities. Potential buyers looking at new homes for sale in Orange County, California might have access to hundreds of small advertising outlets but it takes just one look to close a deal. Some of those OC residents might even pass your information onto friends in LA or NYC or family members looking to move to the coast, giving your local efforts nationwide reach.
2. Specialty Websites
More and more homebuyers are turning to third party websites for their house-hunting needs. There are websites out there that cater specifically to condo listings, homes with gardens, homes for large families, accessible housing for people with disabilities, etc. The list goes on and on. These blogs and websites are great places to attract buyers who know what they are looking for.
The cool thing about these specialty real estate websites is the ability to add more details, bigger pictures, and even videos. A particularly skilled full service agent may even put together a digital home tour to set your listing apart from the rest. Back to the Orange County example mentioned earlier, there are plenty of websites designed specifically to market coastal real estate to people all over the country, one of the best places to advertise on the widest possible scale.
3. Social Media
A good full service agent should be well connected and a strong social media presence is a great start. Your agent should be involved in social networks for homebuyers and real estate agents in addition to the popular general purpose social networks. If your agent posts your beautiful photos and their subscribers see them, those subscribers can pass on the recommendation to the house-hunters in their own networks. Word spreads like wildfire whenever desirable homes are involved.
Ask your real estate agent about creative marketing tactics he or she has used in the past. A creative agent is the best type of agent to have on your side. Real estate has always been a competitive industry, but real estate marketing is even more competitive – it’s important to connect with a full service agent who understands the true potential of untraditional marketing.
Are you excited about seeing your home splashed across website news feeds, local advertising channels, and the social media update streams of all your friends and family? You should be! Staying proactive is the only home selling tactic that you can count on to work. With enough eligible buyers viewing your property daily, you’re sure to capture the attention of the ideal buyer before they even have a chance to their sights on anything else.

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