Things To Consider When Finding A Good Accident Attorney

No one walks out of their house on a sunny Phoenix morning with the expectation that by the end of the day they’ll be lying in a hospital bed; another victim of careless driving. Unfortunately, this scenario plays out over and over with predictably grim results.
Those Arizona accident victims who actually survive the initial incident are faced with months, years, and even a lifetime of physical therapy, pain, and diminished work capabilities. It’s only reasonable then that the parties responsible for the accident be held accountable for their actions. Unfortunately, getting to a settlement, even in clear cut cases, can take an extremely long time.
It’s a grueling process that’s well beyond the capabilities of most accident victims and needs to be handled by a seasoned litigator.

Why You Need an Attorney

Many accident victims are reluctant to take on an attorney because it makes them feel like some kind of gold digger. The truth is, when you’re sitting in a hospital bed and are unable to work, your financial life moves on without you. Your house payment; credit card bills; all of your financial obligations will continue accruing interest and penalty fees whether you’re able to pay them or not.
You might also think that the insurance company will step up and do the right thing by offering you a fair settlement without involving attorneys. While it would be great if things actually worked that way, but they don’t, and never will. The first offer they make you (which will likely take place at your bedside without the presence of an attorney) will be far below what you’ll need for your recovery.
The only way of dragging out a fair settlement from an insurance company is with the help of good attorney.

Where to Look for an Attorney

The best way of finding car accident lawyers is by soliciting recommendations from friends and family members. If you’re really comfortable with the folks in your social network, you can even put up a posting on Facebook requesting names.
Outside of your social network, the Arizona Bar Association is the next best place for finding attorneys. You can either call for a recommendation or use their online lawyer finder at
While word of mouth recommendations and the Bar Association are a great starting points, you’ll still need to interview several attorneys before deciding on one.

What to Look for in an Attorney

The two big qualities you’ll want to look for in an attorney are experience and attitude. Experienced lawyers know every trick the insurance companies have and can quickly do an end run around them.
In fact, if you’ve hired an attorney that the Big Insurance has gone up against in the past, they may be more willing to settle out of court.
When it comes to attitude, you want an attorney you actually get along with on a personal level. After all, these cases can take a long time to settle, so you’ll be spending plenty of time with whomever you hire to take your case.
If you’re in the market for an attorney, here are some tips to help you find qualified law firm in Phoenix to take your case.


The right attorney can make the process of getting back on your feet a lot easier than you might think. Not only do they help you get to a settlement, they’ll help protect your assets when you can’t work. 

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