Things That Can Be Done In Honolulu

There are many different attractions that can be seen in Honolulu, Hawaii. Some of Honolulu attractions consist of parks, art galleries, museums, zoos, historical sites like Pearl Harbor, and also beaches to have fun with the family. Families can also go sightseeing around the island, which is fun for the whole family to see.
The most famous attraction that can be found on the island is the Pearl Harbor site and all there is to see there. Your family can take a tour of the USS Arizona Memorial, which is the most visited attraction in Honolulu with over 1,600,000 visitors each year. Battleship Missouri Memorial opened in 1999, with Pacific Aviation Museum which opened in 2006. The newest addition to the attraction is the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center which opened in 2010. The best time to go and visit the Pearl Harbor attraction is before the tour busses arrives, and that is early in the mornings.
The Waikiki Aquarium is the perfect places to sight see and spend time with the whole family. The aquarium opened up on March 19, 1904 and is the third oldest aquarium that is located in the United States. There are many different things the visitors can see, including: fish, coral reefs, marine animal life, and many other different amazing things. It is best to get there early to avoid a big crowd; the aquarium opens at 9 AM sharp.
If the family wants to go sightseeing, the Waikiki Trolley is fun for the whole family. The trolley will take you and the family to historic places for tours, to shopping centers that are on the island, and also go to the different islands in Hawaii. There is single busses and also double decker busses, which is exciting for the little ones. Tickets can be bought as one day pass, four day pass and even seven day passes. Some of the passes include a free pass to the Waikiki Aquarium and also the Honolulu Museum of Art. To get these extra perks of the trip, the tickets will have to be purchased online.
If the family wants to cool down in a water park, Wet’n’Wild Hawaii is a great place to do just the thing. There are many things that can be done at the water park. The Water World Playground is all fun for the kids. The playground has a water slide that was built just for children, but they have to be a certain height to slide down. There is also a ride called Raging River, which is when people take a raft down 600 feet of raging water. There is a height limit to this ride and it is 42 inches or taller.
There are many different exciting a person, couple and even a whole family can enjoy going to Honolulu. Couples can go to Honolulu on their honeymoon and even anniversary. They can get a beach front hotel and visit the beach every day that they are there. The possibilities are endless in beautiful Honolulu.

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