There Is No 100 Percent Uptime Rate In Web Hosting

A web hosting service that promises a 99.9 percent uptime rate may sound impressive. By doing the math, one can find that a 99.9 percent uptime gives 43 minutes room for downtime per month. It is over eight hours in a year. The 99.99 percent uptime rate on the other hand, gives four minutes of downtime a month. These can be realistic – but not the 100 percent uptime rate.
The Quest for the Best Web Host Provider 
In this cyber age, websites have become part of people’s lives. Work, business, play and even personal matters rely on the web host service. With so many competing web host companies available today offering a great deal of features, scouting for the best web host can be quite elusive. Doing the research, reviewing the services and reading testimonials may not be enough. Also, past performance might not be an assurance of a guaranteed reliability as well as superb tech support in the future.

The 100 Percent Uptime Rate
Despite large investments by large companies – even financial institutions like the banks, do not have the 100 percent uptime. That makes the 100 percent uptime rate a myth or a fairy tale. There has been no web host provider that has given a 100 percent uptime service. However, this does not mean that it is impossible. There are host providers who have long periods of 100 percent uptime for their servers. Some had had that for 12 days and it is something that any web host aspires to deliver.
Reviewing the SLA
The Service Level Agreement (SLA) between the web host provider and their website owner clients may contain declarations of 100 percent uptime. Well, the promise can be both possible and impossible. As a client however, one has to understand not to expect an uptime better than 99.9 percent. Practically, there is no such thing as 100 percent. It is just wise to pick a good web host service, but should not be misled by the guarantee of “100 percent uptime” in the SLA. In the part of the web host company, it is best to be more practical and honest, and not use the 100 percent uptime guarantee as part of the sales pitch. If such is included in the SLA, it might make the client doubt the other services offered. The client usually does not trust web hosts who do not tell the truth.
What Web Hosts Mean About 100 Percent Uptime?
What might be the possible reasons for web host companies to guarantee a 100 percent uptime rate? It can be a marketing bluff or maybe they really do try to offer such. It is a very good idea which all has been aspiring for. However, the experience of many showed no company, even the big time firms, succeeded in delivering such ideal feature. There are times though that this can be carried out. However, not during the entire span of service.
Suggested Things to Do
Downtimes are nightmares but they are beyond control. The best thing to do to be more productive is to focus less on the 100 percent uptime rate and give more attention to speedy recovery when downtime happens. It is better to work on a great recovery plan instead.
This article was written by Garen Arnold who runs one of the top web hosting review sites on the Internet.  He has reviewed nearly 80 web hosting companies in a little over 4 years.

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