The4 S’s To Consider When Undergoing Breast Augmentation

The4 S’s To Consider When Undergoing Breast Augmentation

Breast implants are now being used widely as more and more people have confidence in their safety. The practice has come a long way over its 50 year history. In 2013, in the US alone there have been 290,244 breast augmentations successfully carried out with a considerable portion of it being Atlanta breast augmentation. (Source: National Plastic Surgery Statistics). This number is increasing steadily as more and more patients see breast implantations as a feasible breast augmentation solution. However, when considering breast augmentation solutions in Atlanta GA, the following 4 S’s should be considered.

1. Silicone vs. Saline Implants

Generally, there are two ways you can go with breast augmentation as far as selecting the type of implant you want to use goes. You have the Silicone and the Saline ones. Each one comes with various considerations that you will make before going either way. These include thinking about texture, size, profile and the overall composition of the implant itself.

After considering all factors, most patients (72% in 2013) opt for silicone implants over saline ones. This is largely due to the fact that the benefits of the new silicone ones include the latest cohesive gel, which are also nicknamed “gummy bear” implants due to the ease they offer when shaping the breast; have lower density; are softer, and have a more natural feel. Silicone implants also have a far lower deflation rate with less rippling. However, corresponding to the benefits of these implants is the fact that patients usually pay more for a silicone breast augmentation. For those who prefer a smaller incision that is more cost effective, saline implants are chosen.

2. Surgical Incision

In both cases, silicone and saline implants, you will still need to have an incision made. Normally, for silicone implants, the incision is larger than it is for a saline implant. Since people like to keep these surgeries private and not have anyone notice the surgery with scarring, the incision factor matters considerably.

With techniques like the Keller Funnel, scarring can be significantly reduced. There are of course different standards for incision approaches in breast augmentation surgery in Atlanta, and the majority of surgeons prefer any of these three:

  • inframmamry (under the breast fold)
  • peri-areolar (around the areolar)
  • transaxillary (under the armpit)

Your surgeon will discuss the type of incision approach best suits your body type, implant selection and lifestyle.

3. Size Matters

Not everyone is sure of what size they should settle for when seeking breast augmentation. No one wants a size that is too large nor do they want anything that’s too small. The major reason in this consideration is that the patient might not want a size that’s too noticeable for people to figure out that she has undergone augmentation.

Sometimes, a patient may refer a case of a friend who had a particular quantity of fluid used in her augmentation and might insist on having the same. However, patients need to realize that that’s not the way an appropriate size is determined and that each person’s body structure versus size and height need to be gauged in order to determine the right size of augmentation. Your surgeon will need to take measurements in order to determine an appropriate size for you.

4. Selection

The final S that you will consider is selecting your breast augmentation expert who will actually perform the procedure. This individual must be certified under the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) within the field of plastic surgery. This individual must have experience and must also be a member of the ASPS, such as the famous breast surgeon Dr. Crispin. Speaking of having experience, the surgeon you select must have a display of ‘Before and After’ pictures ready to show you so that you can see the results of his/her work. These are usually the best means of convincing you with proof that he or she is an expert and you will feel confident in the decisions your surgeon helps you make.

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