The Internet Technology From A Not-So-Techie’s Eyes

In the world where everything is always at a fast-paced, heart-pumping, adrenaline-rush craziness, the Internet Technology is something that is most widely used. While some technologically advanced people use it for several purposes, at a glance, there are still others who seem unfazed by this evolution. The not-so-techie people use the Internet Technology at their own advantage, using the traditional methods of Internet access to get the best of what they need in life. They are the ones who use the Internet not only as a means of communication, but more of a help in their daily lives. Here are some uses of the Internet Technology which does not involve complex terms. In a nutshell, here are two samples in which a not-so-techie makes use of the Internet.

The Internet Technology From A Not-So-Techie's Eyes

A. A Guide To Living

While the Martha Stewart show can be very helpful, the Internet Technology has provided us with various web sites to consult when in need of a new idea for a household project, or what not. In these web sites, there are tips on how to make living a little bit more comfortable with the use of household available supplies. 

Wiki How (

What are the effective ways to meet new people? How about the tips on acing your first interview? Or maybe how to get rid of that bubble gum stain on your favorite polo? Wiki How has almost all kinds of articles that promise to give you that– How to do things. With their wide range of articles from different subjects, you can almost never miss the answer to your queries.

Lauren Conrad Official Web Site (

Although this web site is an official site created for a celebrity, Lauren Conrad’s site has also turned into a go-to especially for women. Her health, fashion and even book reading tips can take you anywhere! She also has a book club, which features novels (other than that of her own) with its own group discussion on a pre-set time.

Trash To Couture (

Do you have that old table cloth that’s been stored in the cabinet forever? This web site, created by a very   resourceful fashion diva promises to teach you how to extract amazing haute-couture like pieces from, yes, trash. Her sewing techniques and unique ideas will inspire you to create your own.

B. A New Way Of Maintaining A Hobby (Or Even Trying Something New) 

Goodreads (

Goodreads’ tagline is, “Meet Your Next Favorite Book” This is a site where book afficionados meet, and discuss those worth-reading books. Moreover, with its wide range of book genres which ranges from fiction to even children’s novels, you are guaranteed to never run out a book title for your future reading. The “Rate the Book” section is also very exciting as it allows you to share your opinions on a book.

Wattpad (

An aspiring writer? Well, here’s a site in which infamous writers gather and share their stories. Here, you can be anonymous or you can introduce yourself. The possibilities are endless! Who knows, the next big writer may have started here.

Instagram (

Captured a once-in-a-lifetime-moment? Why not share it with the world? This web site allows you to do that. Everyone can be a photographer. It also has amazing photo filters for when you want to add drama to your shot.

So, a not-so-techie? Fret no more. The Internet will let you do things more than what you can imagine.

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 Rick is a passionate technology blogger who blogs on internet technologies. He has reviwed many dsl internet service providers and written reviews about them on leading Technology Blogs.

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