The Increase In Air Travel And Popular Tourist Destinations In India

The Increase In Air Travel And Popular Tourist Destinations In India

In recent times the tourist footfall in different cities of India has increased tremendously and people are getting fonder of spending holidays in tourist places in India rather than going abroad. The aviation industry in last few years has increased the frequency of domestic flights in the country and people find it convenient than ever before to holiday in best of tourist places within the country.

The country is home to some of the best tourist places in the world and attracts tourist from all over the world. Whether it is local or any foreigner, anyone can have the best travelling experience in the country and can enhance their senses with beautiful and spectacular tourist sites. The valleys, mountains, deserts, temples and adventures, the country is rich in every aspect of travel and gives a person the best experience of their life.

The Increase In Air Travel And Popular Tourist Destinations In India

Some of the most beautiful tourist destinations in India and the their value appeal

Rajasthan – The biggest state of India in terms of area covered, Rajasthan is known as a visitor’s paradise. Travelling to the state is quite easy and you can book you tickets with Air Asia India to get best of flights at quite suitable price. The State is home to some of the best palaces and lakes in the country and people from all over the world grace the place for best of traveling experiences.

Place like Ranthambore National park , Mount Abu, Mewar Palace, Thar desert and Bharatpur wildlife sanctuary are some of the best tourist attractions  and give quite a unique feel and best of travelling experience to people. The camel rides and desert camping are also some of the experiences that form the best moments in your life.

Himachal Pradesh – Another gem in the map of India, it is one of the most popular places amongst tourist in India. People from different Indian states visit Himachal to experience the thrilling experience. The state is almost carved out of stones and offers some of the best sceneries in the world. Anyone travelling by air can opt for online bookings for their flights. One can look for Air Asia India Web Check In facility to avoid long queues for printing boarding passes.

One of the greenest and natural places in India, the State is home to the world’s most peaceful of places. Shimla is every visitor’s paradise and offers exhilarating sceneries. Another quite popular place in the state is Manali; the small town is home to some of the best scenic locations in the country. Here, you can indulge in river rafting in the Kullu River and you can also go for paragliding in the Solang valley.

Places like Rohtang pass and Key long pass give tourist the best of Ice climbing and skiing facility and gives some of the most nostalgic moments.

Tourism in India and within is developing quite steadily and with flights available easily trough online portals, the traffic is increasing by the day. Smallest of city in India is connected with air network and flights find it easy to reach and depart.

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