The Importance Of Having Fog Lights

When the weather is too extreme and visibility is impaired, the lighting of your car becomes your dependable companion to take you to your destination, safe and sound.

Quite a number of individuals don’t know how to effectively use their fog lights. It’s believed that when it’s foggy, then you should put on your fog lights. To a large extent, yes, but also when the atmosphere is very reflective and your normal headlights can be blinding at times like this. Be it a heavy rain, or foggy conditions, your headlight are angled in such a way that it can reflect back to you, creating a near total blackout. This is where the fog lights become important. They are normally installed lower down the front of a car and cast a wider, but shorter beam. The fact that they are lower down, makes them reflect less of whatever is outside. What most motorists do is put on their dipped headlight lights in addition to fog lights; this is of no use. What I usually recommend is switching your headlight down to marker light, then turn on the fog lights

You may ask yourself a question that for what valid reason ordinary lights don’t perform well in the fog? You require a light with longer wavelengths to enter the fog. Ordinarily, Front Head Car Halogen Bulbs are designed for favorable conditions and their lights are of shorter wavelength and can’t infiltrate the fog effortlessly. The lights used for fog lights are made of long wavelengths—-Yellow or red lights are used as part of the fog lights. The beam that comes out of these lights is truly powerful, as they go through the fog with an illumination that aids the driver to see what’s ahead.

The most utilized type of fog light is the White Fog Driving Car Lights and yellow type is really preferred for the coolness it brings to your car. Actually, it’s depends mainly on your budget.

Halogen bulbs have been used for a long time, yet the Xenon bulbs have supplanted them as they are three times brighter than Halogen lights. If you encounter a ton of snow and fog in your general vicinity, then Xenon fog lights will be the better alternative for you.

Even if your car does not come with factory fitted lights, you can always avail yourself the opportunity to get an aftermath lights. Your car may come with a fog light, but you can change them to one of a much higher quality. They should be installed at the front of the car in a stylish way. Once on the bumper of your car, your car takes a different look like that of a sport car.

These lights come in diverse forms—different shapes, designs and colors— and the ease of installation is an advantage any buyer will look forward to. It’s important you put into consideration what your car look like—-the design and also style— before finally buying one. A branded set of fog lights, maybe a bit on the high side, but after a while you’ll understand you made a good buying decision  to ensure you’re safe at all time using them.

The Fog lights can be installed at the rear of the car too, yet they are discretionary. These lights tell the car from behind that visibility is very poor. At the same time, you ought to take additional care before switching on the back fog lights, coincidentally as the vehicle behind might think something is going on ahead and may stop abruptly which could cause a terrible accident. The moment visibility improves, you ought to switch these light off as soon as possible.

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