The Gurgaon Housing Sector Prevails Again

The Gurgaon Housing Sector Prevails Again
If one were to go by the real estate news for Gurgaon in the year 2014, most of the news pieces portrayed a dismal picture of the city. There are high inventory numbers and there were multiple projects that were stalled. The news was true because the city of Gurgaon did witness a slowdown in the sales of property. The economic slowdown was primarily responsible for this. There were certain areas where the demand for houses was high and others where it was not so high. But overall sales in the city were lesser in volume when compared to the previous years. This is why the city was said to be the hardest hit. However all that has changed in the year 2015 and the property business in Gurgaon has re-emerged. This time around, the positive market sentiments are here to stay and the growth is considered to be sustainable. Therefore investing in villas in Gurgaon is considered to be a sustainable option.
The Gurgaon Housing Sector Prevails Again

How Has The Property Demand Emerged In Gurgaon?

The primary reasons why the demand dipped in the first place were macroeconomic. The nation was undergoing a phase of recession, and the inflation was high. To curb the inflation, the RBI increased the lending rates so that the extra cash can be taken out from the economy. This process continued for almost half a decade and it was only in February 2015 that the first reduction in the lending rates was announced.
When the lending rates are increased, all the banks increase the borrowing rates. This means that the rates of home loans are also high. This is the reason why most of the property seekers chose not to invest in housing in Gurgaon. The home loans made the purchase costly. But in the long run, the city was expected to see more growth. Therefore most of the investors were waiting for the right opportunity. This opportunity revealed itself in the year 2015 as explained above. The builders were anticipating this reduction in lending rates and therefore they already had started new project development. The demand for affordable and luxury housing in the city was distinctly clear and hence both these housing categories are also being developed now. Anyone who plans to invest in houses and flats in Gurgaon can now do so for long term profits. The demand for houses in the city is considered to be sustainable and is expected to grow at a nominal rate for many years to come.

How To Search For Houses In Gurgaon?

Anyone planning to invest in the city of Gurgaon can now use property portal to find houses as well as home loans. The portal offers services for both. The house search feature however is more prominent because this is where most of the buyers need help. The portal has come up with innovative ways to help end users find properties. The map based search feature – for example- allows one to choose a locality- and then find a house. The verified listings and other similar features have led to the effective search of houses online. the portal allows short listing and rejecting houses online only; thereby saving time and efforts.

In Conclusion

Property portal has become one of the most potent sources for online property search today.

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