The Customized Rider: Specialty Gear For Horse Lovers

The Customized Rider: Specialty Gear For Horse Lovers

Never underestimate the romance of a decrepit barn.

The Customized Rider: Specialty Gear For Horse Lovers

Whether you rope calves, compete in classical dressage or race thoroughbreds, tailor-made gear is probably something you’ve invested in or at least considered. Custom equine tack, gear and accessories are considered both luxurious and a necessity. With that in mind, let’s take a look at few amenities and creature comforts for your horse and you…


15th century Tibetan saddle made of iron, gold, wood and leather.

Bespoke saddles date back almost 4,000 years. Decorative cloth and animal hide were being used by Assyrian warriors in 700 BC, some with straps that resemble modern girths. Elaborate embroidery, gold ornamentation and other fancy embellishments were crafted for comfort, function and style. No matter how you ride – stock, English, treeless (or even ‘bareback’) – personalization is crucial. Choosing the leather and trimmings best suited to your specific needs can enhance your performance.


This customized, two-horse bumper pull trailer is cherry.

Lest we forget, your steed needs a trustworthy method of transportation, too. When it comes to hauling horses, safety and durability are the foremost concerns. Keeping your “equine family members” comfortable and secure gets easier with modern technological advances. Custom options range from single-stall carriers to lavish horse trailers with living quarters, ensuring that both you and your animal companions are safe and snug when you hit the road.


A row of brightly colored boots is downright postcard-worthy.

Tailored tack and made-to-order accommodations for your horse are enduring assets, but don’t forget to treat yourself once in a while. A pair of high-quality boots can be an investment that will last you a lifetime. Functionality is the vital component, but don’t be afraid to define your style with highly customized kicks. Pick your leather, trim, colorful thread and other accoutrements and don’t be afraid to veer into ‘flashy’ territory. It’s historically accurate, after all.