The Biker Vest: Ladies vs. Men

What can be better than leather motorcycle jackets for a biker? Definitely nothing comes parallel when making a fashion statement. But usually in the hot weather, leather jackets (even those with lining to keep the biker cool) can become a little, well . . . uncomfortable. For this reason many motorcyclists resort to the best alternative: biker vest. These ‘sleeveless jackets’ provide a great channel for air to strike your body and cool it down, so you get the better experience of the breeze. They also serve the same purpose that most jackets do: protection. Protection of the upper body parts against insects, pebbles, and other ‘flying’ material. Apart from that, they make you look more of the party hip and trendy man. They provide a provocative magnetism by depicting the raw and rugged manliness in you. On the other hand, for women the clothing has special cuts and shape to give a feminine appeal and making them sexy and tougher. For the lady bikers, they can make you the icon you desire.

For the Ladies

 The female bikers can now choose from multiple impressive designs andleather vest for women models of leather vest for women. One popular product is the Brown Leather Vest ve-050. This amazing design features a black outer leather vest with dark brown insides. The leather is pure cow hide of about 1.2 mm thickness and the satin lining on the vest makes it more than comfortable. The uniqueness lies on the back where a completely different style with straps at the sides to adjust until the vest fits perfectly. The women ve-070 is another unique model in white durable leather. The product features stylish sharp cuts at the front with two pockets and button front. In other products that stand out, the ve-062 offers the more wild and rugged look with metal chain, large buttons, and side lace up style. In other colors, the ve-065 offers the sexy red with side straps and the metal zipper at the front. In most of the products, custom made option is available in limited colors and sizes. Moreover stylish embroidery and patched logos can be added to your desired product to make it more personal and unique; a perfect fit for your personality.

For the Men

Quite obviously in the motorcycle vests category for men, there are more design with large variance and a good range of styles and colors. In black the men ve-094 and ve-095 stand out. The ve-095 model offers lots of pockets (seven) in the front and a front zipper. The ve-094 has a unique style with perforation leather for air flow in the warm weather. It also features a front zipper. Most designs can, again, be custom made with accessories such as logos or other embroidery or chains etc. For men a large range is also available in brown with various styles that suit each person’s need.

Even though the initial motorcycle vests were designed for protection, they are now becoming a large fashion statement with each style offering a new look and a paradigm different than others.

Tom write about motorcycle vests and make a comparison with men and women vests. There are many online stores are available for Biker vests where you can easily purchase your biker vest according to your gender.

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