The Best Ethical Fashion Brands

Many people perceive fashion is all about shopping for bags and dresses. But ethical fashion is the method which design, source and manufacture clothes, in a way that it benefits the community. In addition, it also limits the negative impact on the environment. Whichever type of ethical fashion you are interested in, here are best ethical fashion brands you might want to consider:

  • JustFab

A discussion of best fashion brands cannot be completed without inclusion of It is a renowned fashion retailer that gives customers chance to enjoy online shopping with much convenience. No matter what preference or desires you have, but here you are bound to get all your favorite collections ranging from handbags, jewelry and shoes.

  • Luva Huva

This is a set of lingerie and loungewear, that are handmade. It is elegant in appearance, and friendly to the environment. This brand was developed about six years ago in London. Here you can get a stunning maxi dress made with bamboo jersey and organic cotton.

  • Gather & See

This is an ethical fashion brand that is beautifully curated. The brand offers maintainable clothes, bags, jewellery, sunglasses and shoes. Here, you can find all styles of ethical fashion that are affordable and unique.

  • Della

This is a fashion brand that is started in Ghana by a certain community. It is a brand that has a set of unique items that are made from genuine textiles. The aim of this brand is to offer right skills, education and training to its employees.

  • Matt & Nat

This brand stands for Material and Nature, meaning that it is 100% Vegan accessory brand that offers amazing bags that are made from environmentally and animal-friendly materials. There bag linings are created from reused plastic bottles.

  • Beyond skin

This brand was developed in 2003, and it aims at establishing non-leather shoes that are fashionable. This brand is worn by top celebs, like Natalie Portman. There shoes are made from environmentally friendly fabrics that aim to limit the carbon footprint.

  • Nancy Dee

The brand was developed in 2008 by two sisters, Tamsin Davis and Seraphina. It is a British label that aims at developing high-quality and sustainable fashion. There clothes are made in British factories, but they are labeled and packed by local businesses. Some materials that they use include soya, organic cotton and bamboo.

  • Made

This brand aims at developing sustainable, ethical fashion brands. It use recycled brass in their designs to boost the local economy. The brand is based in Kenya, and most of the materials they use are bought from smaller local businesses. This brand also uses recycled materials friendly to the environment.

All these brands made high-quality materials that are both friendly to environment and animals. That implies that they will not use animal products or plant materials, especially the trees. Some of the top materials they use include reused plastic bottles, or other materials like soya or bamboo. They use organic cotton and they do not depend on trees to develop their brands.

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