The Benefits Of A Dog Harness

If you have the sort of dog that is endlessly tries to pull away from his leash and tends to bolt forward to chase anything and everything in its path, during a walk, you may want to consider using a harness instead of a collar. Harnesses prevent the dog from choking and provide the added safety benefit of preventing neck and back injuries that could cause serious damage or potentially fatal.

Dog Harness

Even Weight Distribution

While a collar puts pressure on your dog’s neck, a harness is placed around his chest. When a harness is worn properly, the pressure is spread over a larger area that is more resistant to that force. This means that there is very little chance of injury occurring even if your dog should suddenly bolt after something.
Making the choice to use a harness will ease the worry about the common injuries that can occur with collar use such as retching, gagging and breathing problems.

Hard for Smaller Dogs to Slip Out Of

Small breed dogs seem to be able to wiggle out of their collar even when it fits correctly. Some dogs are particularly talented at this, due to the shape of their neck. The Whippet is a good example – their neck is the same width as their head so a collar will easily slip off.
With a harness, however, it is far more difficult for any type of dog to wiggle their way out since it is worn snug and wrapped around their torso.

Can be used in Any Situation

Harnesses can be used when you are walking your dog on a leash, tying your dog up outside on a lead and you can even purchase a dog harness that acts as a seat belt for car rides. In fact, a harness can completely replace the need for a collar and you will be able to breathe easy knowing that your dog is protected from injury.
The only thing it may not be useful for is attaching dog tags to.

As a Fun Fashion Accessory

Harnesses do not only serve a functional purpose since they are also a great fashion accessory. You will have a wide variety of fashions to choose from and even the fussiest dogs will be able to find the perfect fun fashion that brings out the best in them!

Suitable for any Size or Shape

No matter what breed of dog you have, there is a harness out there that will fit it perfectly. Big dogs, small dogs and in-between dogs can all use a harness successfully. When choosing the right fit, you will want to make sure that the harness is easy to put on.
Your dog should be able to freely and comfortably move around but the harness should be snug enough so that he cannot wiggle out of it. The idea is to find the proper fit that is comfortable for your dog, is snug and secure and does not rub or cause any irritation to his skin when it is being worn.
Susan Wright writes for Dog fence DIY a group dedicated to testing and reviewing wireless dog fences.

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