Take Anabolic Agents During Off Season Periods To Grow Your Muscles

Some anabolic agents are known for their versatility regarding what they can be used for along with the basic cycle applications for it. You would need to understand that these performance boosters would not simply help you gain muscles overnight, but over a period of many weeks or months. This feature is preferred by many users of the anabolic agents.

The Cycles of the Anabolic Agents

When you use the performance enhancers, you would not experience the problems such as loss of muscle mass, etc. that you normally would, when your cycle ends. This does not, however, mean that the muscle enhancers are weak and it does not mean that they are of an inferior quality either. During your bulking cycles, it is quite common to stack the muscle enhancers with the others. The cycle length for these anabolic agents would be longer than the normal or the average cycle. This is because the health boosters have a very long half-life and take a long time to be released. This results in delayed optimal blood levels. This is the reason for boosting certain compounds.

 Take Anabolic Agents During Off Season Periods To Grow Your Muscles

Stacking the Anabolic Agent

The cycle and the stacks for intermediate users are different from the cycle for complete beginners. You should take just 25 milligrams of the performance enhancers per day. This is to give a boost to the initial part of the cycle. Once you stop taking the health enhancers, you would notice that there are no more side-effects. Another difference from the beginners’ cycle is that testosterone is reduced to 100 milligrams a week as compared to the intermediate users’ cycle. This will help when you take it in not more than a certain quantity. During the time the body’s natural production of testosterone is suppressed, taking these anabolic agents will help. In other words, testosterone will be used to play a supportive role in the cycle. Are you ready to take the performance boosters and reach the advanced cycles? Then, you should begin today, but you should also remember that you would need to take them in moderately or in the right dosages if you do not want to see side-effects.

Advanced Cycles

You can use these health boosters even during off-season periods to grow your muscles. The advanced cycle of consuming the anabolic agents is not very different from the cycle for the intermediate users. The addition of these anabolic agents is necessary, but is used strictly in the bulking cycles. The reason behind this is that these health boosters do not convert easily to estrogen. However, at the same time, it causes estrogenic effects on the body such as bloating and water retention. This cannot be avoided easily. They, however, work in a strength gaining and bulking cycle. These anabolic agents are recommended only to advanced users because of the complex functions they perform. You should, however, know this before taking the performance boosters. For this very reason, you should consider not stacking the anabolics with the others at first.

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