Take 5 Safety – Why It Makes Sense

The term “Take 5’ refers to taking 5 minutes of your time to think before you do anything. As we all are aware, a little forethought can easily prevent an accident, and by going through a series of steps, one can identify risks and take preventative steps to reduce the risk of an accident occurring.

Take 5 Safety – Why It Makes Sense

The Basic Process

Safety take 5 involves 5 basic steps, which are as follows:

  1. Stop – Engage your brain before you act.
  2. Look – Identify any hazards.
  3. Assess – What damage could those hazards cause?
  4. Manage – Implement and inform others.
  5. Safely complete the task.

The Mining Industry in Australia has effectively reduced accidents since adopting the safety Take 5 initiative, and with other industries following suit, generally, the workplace has never been safer.

Online Solutions

If you wanted to print adequate copies of the Take 5 safety booklet, there are digital printers that specialise in all aspects of printing safety media for a range of industries, and they can design a number of ways the information can be displayed, with booklets and wallets being the most popular form. You might also require safety checklists or stickers that need to be displayed in prominent positions, and your online digital printing partner can supply everything you require, even customised solutions, should that be necessary.

Tried and Trusted System

The Take 5 safety procedure is tried and trusted, and used by many industries that have reported major reductions in accidents since they adopted the take 5 system. It isn’t anything radical or amazing, but merely a reminder to use your head before attempting any task. Most industrial accidents are caused by human error, and complacency figures highly, and the time it takes to follow the steeps is negligible, yet it could save your life.

Adaptable for Any Industry

The take 5 principle can be used for any type of work, even at home, and once a person gets into the habit of following these steps, they will automatically repeat the process before commencing any task. Whatever your business, bringing in the Take 5 system will certainly reduce the risk of work related accidents, which must be good for everyone concerned, and if you would like to print other safety material, there are online printing companies that only work with safety media, whether it be the Take 5 booklet, safety stickers, labels or wallets.

A Range of Packages

Every industry is unique and one might prefer the safety information to be in booklet form, while others decide on a wallet that contains all the necessary items for easy carrying. Warning stickers can be carefully placed so that a machine operator would clearly see it before he begins work, and with checklists for complex procedures, your workforce will always be reminded of critical safety procedures.

Whatever your safety needs, by dealing with an established safety media printing company, you can be sure to have the best results at a cost effective price, and your company’s safety record will begin to look very impressive.

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