Tai Cheng- The Perfect Fitness Program

The word ‘FITNESS’ has different meanings to different people however, the important point is finding out what works better for you. These days, there are many fitness programs to choose from, but if you are looking for a program that can improve balance, increase flexibility, reduce stiffness and help you shed those extra kilos safely then the answer is Tai Cheng. Let us read through further to understand the benefit of this program.

Tai Cheng – The Perfect Fitness Program For All

Image_7219Developed by Dr Mark Cheng, Tai Cheng is a twelve week body fitness program which is designed for continuing and immediate benefits with the help of the refined movement of Tai Chi- A martial art used mainly for physical and health conditioning gains rather than combating. It is a perfect fitness program that improves your physical and mental health as it takes you through an energizing, gentle warm-up along with the Tai Chi moves practice. Every move not only helps in strengthening weak areas, burn calories, and tone muscles but also reduces stiffness, improves balance and increases flexibility. This program is not just for martial art lovers or athletes but also for overweight people who wish to shed those extra kilos safely, making their body more agile and strong. In short this program help in improving stability, energy and strength.

Effectiveness of Tai Cheng

Waking up with pains and stiffness may seem natural but that not true. As we lose our flexibility, strength and natural alignment, our mobility also decreases. The thoughtful and gentle movement of Tai Cheng can help in reducing the pain knots in the muscles, open the joints and also promote flexibility and balance so that the health also improves as one become old. The reviving postures of this program helps in increasing lung capacity, improving muscle strength and increase blood circulation in areas where they have decrease. It also removes toxins and boosts the immune system. The workouts in this program make a person feel good, restores physical strength and fluidity, improve posture and increase body energy.

The technique used in Tai Cheng is known as Dynamic Motion Control. It is a way that helps in understanding Tai Chi as well as its movements and according develops fluency in it. The program teaches you individual movements followed by joint movements to make combinations and then build these combinations in to longer sequences. The Dynamic Motion Control technique helps in experiencing the Tai Chi practice and the program without feeling besieged by being introduced to a lot of moves at one time.

Uniqueness of Tai Cheng

This program is not just an instructional Tai Cheng video but a blend of modern well-designed movement exercises with the long-established Chinese martial art which helps in rejuvenating both mind and body giving it a safe, stable and strong platform. It is a unique program that helps in learning workouts which promote flexibility and balance with less pain and more energy.

In short, it teaches moves with fewer sprains, conditions the body to operate as it must and use and control full movements.

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