Surgeon For Total and Partial Knee Replacement Surgery In India

Surgeon for Total and Partial Knee Replacement

Knee replacement surgery becomes necessary when the knee gets affected by disease or trauma. Due to the pain and inflammation, the patient is unable to move in the usual manner and carry out his or her duties. Through the surgery, the damaged parts of the knee joint will get removed. Artificial replacement helps stabilize the knee and give relief from the pain.

Types of Knee Replacement Surgery

When only one compartment of the knee gets affected and needs replacement, the patient undergoes a partial knee replacement surgery. The other alternatives include replacing the entire knee (total knee replacement surgery) and replacing both the knees (bilateral knee replacement surgery). If you want the best knee replacement surgeon in India you can visit the website of the medical tourism service provider. There you will see the entire list of hospitals, surgeons, and specialists.

The most common cause of the damage to the knee is osteoarthritis. Total knee replacement is an effective way to get full relief from knee pain. You also get good mobility so you can move around with comfort. Your physician will tell you to undergo knee surgery when pain medications no longer provide relief and arthritis medication no longer has any effect. We have seen improvements in the materials and methods used for knee replacement surgery ever since it was first done in 1968.

Construction of the Knee Joint

The knee is the largest joint in the body and takes up weight up to four to five times the body weight. The three bones that make up the knee joint are the tibia, femur, and patella. These are the shin bone, the thigh bone, and the kneecap. The place where they come together remains covered by a smooth substance called the articular cartilage. Large ligaments hold the tibia and femur together and the thigh muscles give the knee strength.

If you develop any problem with the knee, you will need to consult the knee surgeon. Consult the best knee replacement surgeon in India by going to the website of the service providers for the medical tourism in India. They have links to the top hospitals and you can arrange for a consultation with the top doctors. You can get their help for getting treatment and medical advice. They will help you out in all matters related to medical problems. You can solve all your problems through them at a reasonable rate.

Opt For Partial Knee Replacement

Whenever possible the surgeon will try to do a partial knee replacement surgery. This involves lesser bone and blood loss. This is possible if the damage to the knee remains limited to one part of the knee. You will need a smaller incision and the recovery time is also quick. But, you face the risk that arthritis will develop in the parts of the knee that are not replaced. This will need more surgery and treatment.

You need to undergo physiotherapy after the surgery. Through physiotherapy, you augment the healing process by stimulating the tissues to begin growing. This includes a series of exercises that your physiotherapist will show you. Your medical service provider will help you get in touch with the hospital for the physiotherapy exercises.