Supercar Cleaning Basics

Many of us buy cars because they look really amazing, both in the showroom and on our driveway. We often have an evil enjoyment of seeing our neighbours jealously take a glimpse of our new wheels. However, there are some harsh realities of owning a supercar. After being subjected to one week of daily motoring, the car has completely lost its original shine, under the dirt and grime. These cars are vehicles that mere mortals can only dream of and we often spend a king’s ransom on it. However, to keep the car looking impressive, we also need to properly clean it.

It could be rather costly to ask professionals to clean our supercar. Many of us prefer to clean the car on our own, however, we may fear those fading and swirl marks associated with home car washing. Supercars are special vehicles and special care should be taken to ensure that they stay clean. Overall, we shouldn’t be scared of cleaning our supercar. We need to keep the paintwork at proper condition by washing road grime, dust and other contaminants. The additional part of the cleaning process is to prepare the car for a protective coating and this may include waxing.

We should always was supercars by hand and not with automated machines like at gas station. We should take the time to learn how to wash the paintwork of our car properly. Without good methods, we may get some swirl marks and fine scratches in our paint. When washing a supercar, we need to gather enough tools, such as special soap, bucket, wash mitt, adjustable spray nozzle and large enough hose. We should also make sure that we have enough water pressure to make sure that the washing process can be performed quickly. It is a good idea to use sheepskin wash mitts when cleaning our supercar and avoid the synthetic one.

It is preferable to use natural sheepskin because it holds more water, safer to use on our paint and last longer. However, we should make sure that we have cleaned the wash mitt thoroughly, especially if we have used it on previous cleaning session. Sand, small rocks, pine needles and other unwanted debris may tangle in our mitt and it can scratch our paint. When washing our car, the soap we choose when washing is also essential. We shouldn’t use abrasive cleaners or household dish soap. Special cleaning products for supercars can remove road grime and dirt without damaging our paint.

It is also important to make sure that our bucket is completely clean. We can put specified amount of soap and create some suds by adding the water at higher pressure with the hose. When washing our super car, it is important to choose a shady location. The drying process should proceed slower and this will prevent unsightly water spots. Before washing, we can give our car a light rinse by adjusting the spray nozzle. We could use either gentle shower or mist setting, depending on our requirements. Light rinse should remove any dust and loose dirt. This should prevent us from accidentally scratching the paint.

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