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The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change- Carl Rogers

Change is inevitable. And the changes we now witness in the domain of education are great and game changing. Teachers and mentors now have begun to advise students to do more of smart work than working hard on a subject for days. And it has been proved time and again that smart work always works. In today’s scenario where students are loaded with materials to study , smart work becomes an essentiality and it demands a change in the method of study.

Holistic Learning

Another term used for smart learning is “holistic” learning. Holistic learning is a method to learn more effectively. Holistic learning is the opposite of rote memorization .

In rote memorization , the information that we gather are placed in seperate pockets in our minds which are far from each other. They are not interconnected with each other .In this scenario, any question asked from a practical point of view might find a difficulty to get answered as your mind will be searching for the thread that leads to the right box of information. Whereas, in holistic learning ,all the information that you have are interconnected and any question asked from any subject will fetch you answers through this network. This is the significance and the advantage of smart study.

Visual Learning

Visual learning is a significant component of smart learning. We know that the retention power of the visually learned information is much more than the conventional mode of learning . It has been proved to be of a whopping 400% more efficiency than our traditional methods.

There are 3 types of learners

  • Verbal learners – 30 % of the population-learn by hearing
  • Experiential learners- 5% of the population-learn by experimenting
  • Visual learning – 65% of the population -learn by visualizing

Although the percentage of visual learners are much more , the conventional method learning still continues to occupy the largest sector of education. There is a pressing need for a change of teaching and learning modes . Only then , smart study will be able to prove its point.

  • Learning in a manner ,so as to suit your pace and style is another form of smart study. Often, when students sit in large classrooms and learn with 50 or 100 other students, there is a chance of a feeling of discomfort for a few as they would want to learn in a slightly different format based on their own state of mind and intelligence. So, fetching for methods to design your own style of study would seem smart.
  • What if you had tests and exams tailor-made for you? It would prove to be of a huge advantage to you as a student. Personalised tests would help you raise the bar of your academic situation every time , as you only have to test those portions that you need improvement on. If you could get a platform where this is available, it could do wonders in terms of using the available time in the most fruitful way.
  • Real-time doubt clarification , and fast assessment of your performance. For example , the UPSC Syllabus is so vast that numerous doubts might arise in your mind while going through it and you will need instant clarification of the doubt in order to move forward. Technology has taken such a huge leap in time , that it is now possible for you to get your doubts cleared just when you get them in your mind, even when you are not in your classroom with your teacher next to you.

Smart ways of studying will undoubtedly produce good results. As they say ,” The way you manage your time determines your success or failure as a person”. So, spending hours over subjects might not give you the results that doing the right amount of study at a steady pace would. Byju’s offer you all the aforementioned features that is needed for smart study. Learning is fun at Byju’s.

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