Starting A Business In Dubai

Dubai – the heartland of the UAE also happens to be the business centre of all the emirates. As it is a place with such huge potential, starting a new business or moving your existing business here can be a big challenge. Dubai has successfully begun the transition from focusing only on becoming an oil giant to expanding its horizon to untested waters such as services and other industries. As a result, the city has been establishing more new businesses irrespective of their type and size and the Dubai currency has also been on the rise. International businesses have also been given the authorization and the encouragement to move to the city in the effort to strengthen the emirate’s business sector. However, if you are planning on starting or moving your business, you need to take into consideration few factors.

Starting A Business In Dubai

Any business thrives on one crucial factor: the location. It doesn’t matter how well you choose to plan or manage. All that matters is that you choose a commercially viable location where you can see good business for your investments and efforts. The Dubai currency exchange rate and the Dubai currency converter are valid proof to substantiate this statement. Keeping that in mind, getting hold of a property in a commercial locality in Dubai can prove to be a tricky yet difficult affair. However, this problem can be averted to a great extent if you manage to have good contacts in the market and refer the property classifieds regularly. Once you get hold of a few contacts, you will be kept informed on a regular basis by the agents and individuals who sell commercial properties in Dubai.

You will now need a sponsor to help you start your business. It is mandatory that this individual has to be a UAE national. However, this condition doesn’t apply in case you choose to start your business in a free zone. The free zone is generally the most preferred location as most of the commercial properties in Dubai such as office spaces, warehouses, labour houses and shopping centres occupy the free zone. But, a sponsor is a requirement if you’re starting your business in on other locations. Supposedly, if you’re looking to open or buy a restaurant in Dubai, you can’t manage to run it without partnering with a UAE national.

Once you’re done with such formalities, you’ll need an office space and finding an office space in Dubai isn’t really a big task as you are free to make a choice from the hundreds of offices you’ll find. But, here too you need to be accurate in the location for your office as it holds the key to your success. Always plan in advance. Go for a place that has extra space and an inventory as they will come in handy once your business starts to flourish depending upon its nature. You can either choose to buy a warehouse or go for warehouse rental in Dubai. You will require a larger and better place to accommodate your employees if your business is big in size. For this, you can choose to buy a labour house or opt for rental.

In the end, all you have to do is to watch your business flourish and bask in the glory. Good luck to you!

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