Soundproofing Is The Answer For Your Business

Soundproofing Is The Answer For Your Business

One fine detail that many people do not think of automatically when designing their business space is the importance of using soundproofing. When soundproofing is used properly, it helps businesses and organizations in a number of different ways. Two of the most important ways that it helps is by protecting the hearing of employees and reducing noise pollution.

Industrial Workplaces

Industrial workplaces are among the most logical places to have soundproofing installed. Since many industrial workplaces are large and noisy, controlling noise within the building is an important step in protecting hearing. While most manufacturing and industrial sites require the use of protective earplugs while in the facility, soundproofing installed within the building offers an extra layer of protection against hearing damage from long-term exposure to repetitive and loud noises. Sound control services are the most reliable ways to do this.

Acoustic Baffles

Acoustic baffles are designed for use in large structures with high ceilings. These baffles hang from the ceiling and absorb noise from the production floor. Manufacturing can be very noisy when you factor in noise from hand-trucks, production lines, hand tools and conversations of employees going about their workday. This type of soundproofing is purely industrial and does not interfere with your production floor or infringe on valuable workspace.

Pipe Insulation

Another cause of noise in Industrial environments is in the ductwork. Insulating duct pipes within your Industrial facility not only helps reduce noise, it helps keep the heat or air conditioning moving without losing it in transport, so your employees work in a more comfortable environment. Pipe insulation helps control heating and cooling costs, so it is beneficial to business owners that want to keep a tight control on costs associated with this aspect of doing business. Heat loss can be a costly waste of money and resources, especially if the loss happens for an extended period of time.

Dampening Products

Noise from busy work areas can be significantly reduced by putting vibration dampening products in place. Dampening products reduce vibration in resonant surfaces and sheet metal. By dampening the noise, your manufacturing facility is friendlier to your workers and the environment.

Acoustic Enclosures

If your manufacturing facility needs additional soundproofing, acoustic enclosures are another product worth considering. These enclosures are custom built to meet the unique needs of your facility and can be used to house special projects, and can be used for O.E.M, for utility processes and exclusively for research and development purposes. These enclosures absorb sound and help reduce noise pollution within your business.

Foam Barriers

Foam barriers are a relatively easy way to reduce noise and noise pollution. These are flexible and can be used in almost any area without having to make expensive alterations to your existing building. There are different levels of noise reduction levels, for your specific noise reduction needs. Foam noise dampening products come with a self-adhesive backing, so they can be installed without professional help or installers.

Architecture Applications

Noise reduction is not just needed in Industrial applications. Modern architecture can benefit from utilizing sound deadening products in new construction and retrofitting existing spaces. Sound deadening helps with privacy and making your space more enjoyable. If you have ever been to a place where everything sounds “tinny” chances are the original designer ignored using sound deadening products like wooden acoustic panels, Soundboard and acoustic foams to help absorb sounds. Soundproofing in shared living spaces like apartments, condominiums and townhouses assures that owners and tenants are not heard through the walls. As a resident, there is nothing more annoying than having to listen to the music your neighbour is cranking up or overhearing their private discussions. Soundproofing adds value and privacy to your property, which is priceless. Products like Coustimats are laid much like carpet and absorb sound through the floor. This type of sound deadening product is most commonly used in residential homes, including shared space.

Acoustic Panels

If your business includes public gathering places, acoustic panels are a great way to accent your space and serve the double use of controlling noise. This is especially important for conference rooms, houses of worship, restaurants and other places where several people gather at the same time. Acoustic panels are available in several types of wood including oak, pine, cherry, beech and other exotic types of wood. These panels are designed to look great and fit in with your existing interior design. For the most part, this type of sound dampening product is used in retail environments more than Industrial environments.

Reduce Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is a serious threat to the environment and people. According to recent reports, over 14 million people in the United Kingdom will experience hearing loss by the year 2031. More than 800,000 people who have serious hearing problems, including deafness. With these kinds of numbers, everything that industrial businesses and other business owners can do to reduce noise pollution is an effort well worth doing. Over the long-term, the cost of outfitting your facility with reliable soundproofing will save you money because you will have less health care claims from employees that are suffering from hearing problems.

Talk to a Noise Reduction Specialist

If you are ready to make some changes to reduce noise pollution in your business, you are making the right call. There are numerous options available to fit every budget, so there is no excuse to let noise pollution run rampant in your facility. Employees are sure to appreciate the extra care that you have taken to protect their hearing, as suffering from hearing damage from the workplace is not good for anyone. If you are a real estate developer that owns multi-unit properties such as condos, apartments or townhomes, soundproofing your property makes it more attractive to potential buyers or renters that want an added layer of privacy in their new home. Reducing noise is something that nearly everyone is sure to appreciate. No one wants to hear someone else yelling next door or blaring their annoying music at high levels.

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